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Chapter Twelve:

Notable Network Figures

Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network

Chapter Twelve:

Notable Network Figures

Ammon Bundy has wrangled a wide array of significant far-right figures into the orbit of the People’s Rights Network–far-right paramilitary activists, anti-maskers, far-right street brawlers, conspiracy-mongers, Christian Dominionists, anti-vaxxers, “Constitutionalists,” Tea Partiers, and more. Below are links to detailed profiles of some of the more important figures to the People’s Rights network.

The Founder

Ammon Bundy

Though he lacks an official title in the People’s Rights organization chart, Ammon Bundy is for all intents and purposes the head of the network. The 45-year-old truck repair company owner from Emmett, Idaho, is involved in virtually every facet of the People’s Rights network—from laying out the structure of the group to overseeing the technology used in the network, to promoting the group, to wrangling area assistants. People’s Rights is Ammon’s army.

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Arkansas Leader. Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaxx, Pro-Militia

Angela Clemons

Angela Clemons is a far-right conspiracy theorist, anti-masker, and an anti-vaxxer who has promoted the conspiracy that the “CoronaVirus is part of the forced vaccination” effort. Most notably, however, Clemons has been referred to as the “right-hand girl” of an imprisoned militia leader.

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Eleven: Prepping for the Future


Thirteen: Conclusion

Ammon's Army

Inside the Far-Right People's Rights Network

A Special Report of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights and the Montana Human Rights Network

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