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Chapter Two:

Uncovering the People’s Rights Network

Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network

Chapter Two:

Uncovering the People's Rights Network

The Structure, Size, and Scope of the Network

Initially, much of the core of what became People’s Rights grew out of ties developed during the Bundy family’s armed confrontations with the federal government and/or their subsequent court cases.  Some of these core activists became engaged in these networks around the time of Cliven Bundy’s 2014 Bunkerville standoff, including Nevada state leader Joshua Martinez, Utah Area 9 assistant Shawna Cox, Utah Area 10 assistant Raul Hevia, and Washington State Area 2 assistant Tammy Hill.[16]

Others were involved in Ammon’s takeover of the Oregon wildlife refuge. Utah Area 9 assistant Shawna Cox, Idaho Area 2 assistants Sean and Sandra Anderson, and Utah figure Brand Thornton were all directly involved in the Malheur takeover. Oregon state leader BJ Soper organized in connection to the occupation through the Pacific Patriot Network.[17]

Others either directly mobilized or became engaged online on behalf of LaVoy Finicum, killed by police during the standoff, or during post-Malheur Bundy family trials. These include:

  • California state leader Tony Pellegrino
  • California Area 10 assistant Erik Cryder
  • Washington Area 4 assistant Kelli Stewart
  • Washington Area 5 assistant Amanda Bisset
  • Missouri Area 8 assistant Madelynn Frazier
  • Montana Area 5 assistant Ed Kugler
  • Oregon Area 3 assistant HollyJo Beers
  • Utah Area 11 assistant Trevor Wilkerson. [18]

Arkansas state leader Angela Clemons, while organizing in support of a militia member convicted of plotting to kill law enforcement, did so in cooperation with activists in Bundy’s networks in 2018.[19]

In late April, People’s Rights launched its website, complete with stock-photos of a happy white family, and the tagline, “Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future.”

Ammon's Army Chain of Command

The People's Rights Network Structure

Despite persistent talk of a lack of hierarchy in the organization, People’s Rights is a fairly typically structured group. Ammon Bundy sits atop the hierarchy—though in an unnamed, unspecified position. He is the main spokesperson for the group, and it appears that he has complete access to all the individual member information.

Seated below Bundy, at least in terms of access to information, are so-called “state assistants” responsible for coordinating activities with multiple “area assistants” across their respective states. As Bundy explained in a training video, “The job of the state assistant is to identify the boundaries of each area and to help nominate and fill each of the area assistant positions. And it’s really that simple. Then the state assistants will just assist the area assistants in all that they have to do, training, when one needs to be replaced they can encourage nominations.”[20]

According to Bundy, “the area assistant is the most important role in people’s rights,” as they are the “gatekeepers of the information.”[21] Bundy explained in another training video for area assistants,

“So when people sign up to People’s Rights, the area assistants receive that information and it does not go to all the other people in your area. That way it’s protected, that it can’t be used improperly. And the area assistants are the gatekeepers, the caretakers of that information. They also activate the people when someone’s rights need to be defended, or when something is going on in their community, in their neighborhoods, that needs to be addressed.”[22]

Mapping the People's Rights Network

Designated Local Areas & Membership Figures

In sixteen different states, the network has divided up each state into areas that are overseen by area leaders. As of September 1, there are ten state assistants and 143 area assistants in sixteen states: Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington. Kentucky, Nebraska, and Texas have been divided into areas, but do not yet have assigned state or local assistants. In total, these states account for 15,602 individuals in the People’s Rights network, the vast majority of the group.

State Profiles

The complete list of area assistants has only been known to the inner-circle of People’s Rights. Until now. Report researchers have uncovered the complete list of state and area assistants for People’s Rights. A complete list of state and area assistants is available here. Additional information about area assistants is available on each state page.

To dive deeper into the far-right activity of People’s Rights at the state level–including area membership figures and profiles of area leaders–select one of the states below.











North Dakota






Membership in States without Local Area Structure

In addition, there are 6,249 additional members scattered across the thirty-four states that do not yet have area leaders and have not been broken into areas. In total, the People’s Rights network had 21,851 members in their membership system on September 1.

The COVID-19 Insurrection and the Mass Base

Building on top of the initial militia base, data suggests that the growth of People’s Rights relied heavily on opposition to COVID-19 health restrictions. An examination of Facebook data indicates that People’s Rights area leaders are members of 85 different COVID-19 Insurrection groups.[23]  More than one-quarter of the members of People’s Rights groups on Facebook are members of one or more groups opposed to COVID-19 restrictions. In total, 2,097 members of the 8,193 members of People’s Rights Facebook groups are members of one or more of 785 different groups opposed to COVID-19 health restrictions.[24] Some of the most popular groups among People’s Rights Members include: Reopen Washington State (370), Bare Face Is Legal (270), ReopenWA (262), Put your $$ where your mask is. Freedom Friendly Businesses!! (256),  All Jobs are Essential (221), Open Oregon (174), No Mandatory Masks For Kids in ANY  Washington State Schools (162), Reopen Oregon (155), Reopen Washington State Churches (155), and Reopen Washington Action Network (143).

As discussed at the initial meetings, the network quickly moved beyond opposition to COVI9-19 restrictions. Instead, they laid forth a framework to appeal to militia-types, conspiracists, anti-vaxxers, preppers, Christian nationalists, and more. According to their website,

“When it is no longer ‘legal’ to grow your own food, educate your children or operate your own business, who will you call?  Who will you call when the law mandates that vaccines be injected into your body or the bodies of your children?  Who will you call when street criminals roam your neighborhood undeterred by the police?  Who will you call when due process is denied to you because of political differences?  Who will you call when things like contact-tracing are implemented in your state and you refuse to participate?”[25]

The expanse of the issue set may partially account for the wider appeal of People’s Rights with women, compared to the militia/Second Amendment crowd.

Closing the Far-Right Gender Gap

Most far-right networks have been dominated by men, who made up the vast majority of leaders and members. Militia-type networks have generally been +85% men in membership, even higher percentages in leadership. The Tea Party was the first modern far-right movement to create significant room for women. Between 2010 and 2015, the Tea Party had between 37% and 33% of members who identified as female.[26] By contrast, the People’s Rights network has cultivated a leadership network where the majority of leaders identify as female. Of the 153 area leaders, 53% appear to identify as women, 47% as men. The overall head of the People’s Rights network, and eight of the ten state leaders, however, are men. None of the area assistants that researchers have examined identified as transgender or non-binary, and several of the network’s leaders have expressed anti-transgender bigotry.[27]

Area Assistant Composition



Introduction | Point of the Spear


Three: The Online Army


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Rights before Covid19!!, Reopen New Jersey!!!, Re-Open New Jersey/Stop Murphy/Stop Communism, Reopen New Mexico, Reopen NH, REOPEN NJ, REOPEN NJ Schools!, Reopen NorCal, Re-Open Norman, Reopen North Carolina, Reopen North Carolina Now, Reopen North Dakota Now, RE-OPEN NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, Reopen Ohio, Reopen Ohio Now, Reopen Okanogan County, ReOpen Orange County, ReOpen Orange County Schools, Re-open Orange County Schools NOW, ReOpen Orange County, Reopen Oregon, Reopen Oregon Now, Reopen Oregon!, Re-Open Our Schools, ReOpen PA, Reopen Pa., Reopen Pasadena, ReOpen Pennsylvania Schools, ReOpen Philly, Reopen Pinellas County!, Re-Open Placer County, Reopen Queen Anne’s County, REOPEN RC, Reopen Riverside County, California, Reopen RVA!, REOPEN SAMPSON COUNTY NC, Re-Open San Bernardino County/Re-Open California, Re-Open San Diego, Reopen San Luis Obispo County, REOPEN SC, REOPEN SC MAGA 2020!, REOPEN SEAL BEACH, Reopen SJC, Reopen Sonoma County, REOPEN SOUTH CAROLINA, ReOpen South Florida, Reopen Spokane County, Reopen Springfield Missouri, REOPEN ST MARYS, Reopen Suffolk County, ReOpen Tennessee, Reopen Tennessee Now, Reopen Texas, ReOpen the California Churches, ReOpen The Country, Reopen the Country or the Trucks STOP, ReOpen the Lehigh Valley, ReOpen the Region, Reopen The San Luis Valley, Reopen the Triad, Reopen the U.S., Reopen the US, Re-Open the West Coast, Reopen Union County, Re-Open Upstate NY!!!, Reopen USA, Reopen Utah, Reopen VA Schools -Roanoke County, Reopen Virginia, Reopen Virginia Now, Reopen WA state schools, REOPEN Wake County, Reopen Washington Action Network, Reopen Washington County, Reopen Washington State, Reopen Washington State Churches, REOPEN WAXHAW, Reopen West Virginia, Reopen Wisconsin Freedom Rally, Reopen Wisconsin Freedom Rally 🇺🇸, Reopen Wisconsin!  Recall Governor Tony Evers and Gordon Hintz, ReOpen Wisconsin: Dane County, ReOpen York County, ReopenDavieCounty, RE-OPENED LAKE COUNTY, CA 2020, RE-OPENED NAPA COUNTY, CA, Reopening and Unmasking WA State Schools, Re-opening Kentucky Safely by June 1st., ReopenKS, ReopenMA (North Shore), REOPENNC, ReOpenNC Businesses, ReopenNC Wake County, ReopenNCschools, ReOpenNJ, ReOpenPa, ReOpenTheWorld, ReopenVA, ReopenWA, ReOpenWashPA, RESIST THE CA SHUTDOWN, Responsible establishments against excessive quarantine, Restore California Legally!, Restore Liberty and Freedom to PA, Restore Our American Rights, Restore The Constitution, Return2Learn Maryland Schools, RHODE ISLANDERS AGAINST THE SHUTDOWN OF STATE PARKS AND BEACHES, Routt United For Freedom, Save Oregon, Say NO to mandatory masks, SC For Freedom Group, SC Unmasked, South Florida Unmasked, SouthDakotaSmallBusinesses for Liberty, Stand For Freedom (Utah), Stand Up For Freedom, Stand up for Liberty, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS, STAND-UP  for  AMERICA, Support Trump Reopening America, Take Back Key West, Take back Ohio refuse mandatory mask, Tennesseans against excessive quarantine, Texans Against Excessive Quarantine, Texans Against Excessive Quarantines, Texans Against Forced Tyrannical Quarantine and Shutdown, Texas Citizens Against Looters, The Movement, THE OPEN ALABAMA MOVEMENT, The Tyranny Resistance Movement, The United States Of America Unmasked & Uncensored, The Unmasked Nation., Those who oppose mandatory masks, Tri-State Resistance to Lockdowns & Vaccinations, Turlock and Surrounding Areas NO MASKS, United States Against Excessive Quarantine, Unmandate Masks Arizona, UnMASK Abilene, Unmask America, Unmask California, UNMASK Gig Harbor, Un-Mask Knox, Unmask Maryland, Unmask NC, Unmask New Jersey, Unmask NM, UnMask Now, UNMASK PA, unmask RI, Un-Mask Tantasqua, Unmask Tucson, Unmasked, Unmasked Americans, Unmasked Citizens for the First Amendment, UNMASKED CONNECTICUT, Unmasked heroes of America!, UNMASKED in West Alabama, Unmasked Union, Unmasking America!, Unmasking Fear 2020, Unmasking Newsom/Back The Blue/Take Back California., Utah Freedom, Utahns Against Excessive Quarantine, VA Back2School!, Virginians Against Excessive Quarantine, Virginians against mandatory masks, Virginians for Constitutional Rights 2020, WA Patriots A.R. 2, WA State Churches & Faith Leaders (Reopen Plan), WALMART EMPLOYEES AGAINST WEARING A MASK, Washington County Uniting for Liberty, Washington State Back to Work!, Washingtonians Against (Excessive) Quarantine – WAQ, WE ARE ALL ESSENTIAL!!!, Wisconsin March for Freedom, Wisconsinites Against Excessive Quarantine, Wisconsinites Against Mandatory Masks (WAMM), WV AGAINST UNCONSTITUTIONAL POWER, Yamhill County Uniting for Liberty.

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[27]  A number of People’s Rights leaders have posted material criticizing or mocking transgender people, including Georgia State leader Field Searcy (Georgia state leader) and Idaho Area 6 assistant Aaron Esquiguza. See Searcy, Field. Facebook. October 26, 2018.

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