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Profile: Derrik Staheli

People’s Rights Utah State Assistant

Part of the IREHR/MHRN special report, Ammon’s Army.


Derrik Staheli

People’s Rights Utah State Assistant

Location: St. George, Utah


Derrik Staheli is an anti-masker and 2nd Amendment activist who doesn’t “buy the whole face covering thing.”[1] In August, Staheli encouraged people with kids in public schools to “find the courage to send them to school…WITH OUT [sic] MASKS!!!” Staheli wrote that “If they get ‘expelled’ or ‘suspended’ etc then just contact me. I have a database of THOUSANDS of Patriots that will help and support you/us and raise HELL if we must” [capitals in original].[2] Staheli also circulated material, including a petition, from the Liberty Action Coalition demanding that the government “end the shutdowns, end the mandatory masks, and end the re-education of our populace.”[3] Staheli promoted an August 21 Liberty Action Coalition “End the Mask Mandate” rally.[4]

On August 18, Staheli posted a video showing two unidentified individuals robbing someone in a car. As the two attempted to escape on a motorcycle, the vehicle driver rammed into them. Although the apparent robbers are not identified and do not appear in the short video to be connected to a protest, Staheli writes, “This should be done with ALL BLM/ANTIFA Thugs!!! Love it!”[5]

Derrik Staheli is an owner/operator of Discount Pawn shops in St. George and Enterprise, Utah, and uses his pawnshop email as his People’s Rights contact.[6] This year Staheli launched a platform,, where people can buy and sell guns, as well as engage in “social media elements like direct messaging, live chats and content sharing.” The new enterprise was started in cooperation with an Idaho pawn shop owner and Ohio web developer.[7]

To date, Staheli has largely remained below the public’s radar as a People’s Rights state leader, does not actively promote People’s Rights on his Facebook account, or even “like” People’s Rights.

Notable Facebook Likes: 2nd Amendment Supporters, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Krisanne Hall, JD, Bundy Ranch, Paul Ryan, Donald J. Trump, and Utah Gun Owners.[8]

Notable Group Memberships: Stand For Freedom (Utah).



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