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Chapter Nine:

Anti-Indigenous Activism

Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network

Chapter Nine:

Anti-Indigenous Activism

In addition to the racialized “threat from below” exhibited by many People’s Rights leader, a recurring disrespect for indigenous sovereignty and resources has been displayed in Ammon Bundy’s efforts, both past and present. This was seen when the armed Malheur occupiers undertook the action in the Burns Paiute homelands despite objections from the tribe. Bundy’s group also damaged a tribal archaeological site and caused additional costs to the Burns Paiute, for which two occupiers were ordered to pay restitution.[116]

Moreover, Bundy has allied with far-right figures who oppose indigenous rights as well as those who have promoted political violence. For instance, in October 2018, Bundy headlined a “New Code of the West” conference in Whitefish, Montana alongside longtime Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) leader Elaine Willman and Washington State Representative Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley).[117] As MHRN documented at the time, a lead organizer of the event was Laura Lee O’Neil, a Montana-based supporter of the John Birch Society.[118]

Beyond just appearing on a stage with a national anti-Indigenous figure, Ammon Bundy wrote the forward to CERA board member Christopher Kortlander’s 2018 book Arrow to the Heart. Elaine Willman and CERA have long been committed to the outright termination of tribal government and abrogation of treaties between indigenous nations and the United States.[119]

This pattern continued into the People’s Rights network. An August 1 People’s Rights rally in Nezperce, Idaho, included Pamela Hemphill, author of a 2019 book that assailed participants in the mobilization to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and defend the treaty-protected resources of the Standing Rock Sioux. A synopsis of Hemphill’s bookWe Stand! We Rise! We Resist!: Where the Leftist Tactics Began & Now They’re Coming to a City Near You!, states,

“In this book, you’ll learn how the Leftist Tactics were ‘High Jacked’ by using a platform in the Largest North Native American Protest in history. They used the North American Indians past abuses, as the model for a NEW SOCIALIST Party.”[120]

While waiting at the police staging area in Nezperce with Diego Rodriguez and others, Hemphill told Nez Perce tribal police of her book that, “You’re not gonna like it.” After being informed that they were on Nez Perce land, and as if trying to demonstrate the very definition of settler colonialism, Rodriguez told the tribal police, “Yeah man, you guys are the tribe guys. We get you. This is your property, man, we get it. We thank you for letting us come. It is your land, but in America, we get to do what we want to do. [Italics added]”[121]

A defining feature of settler colonialism in U.S. history has been that, even when the federal and state governments and citizens voice respect for tribal rights, Americans often “do what we want to do” in Indian Country.


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