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Profile: Tony Pellegrino

People’s Rights California State Assistant

Part of the IREHR/MHRN special report, Ammon’s Army.


Tony Pellegrino

People’s Rights California State Assistant

Location: San Mateo, California


Tony Pellegrino is a militia supporter who has promoted a variety of conspiracy theories, including openly antisemitic versions.[1] In March, Pellegrino posted a meme containing an openly antisemitic conspiracy theory long seen in white supremacist circles – a meme that Pellegrino described as a “TRUTH PILL…TO ALL THOSE IN DENIAL.”[2] This “theory” holds that the “U.S. is a foreign Crown Corporation” that lacks jurisdiction over “natural” or “sovereign” citizens.[3] On the other hand, during the “War of Federal Aggression against the Southern States,” when the “Northern States fought to enslave everyone including themselves,” the “U.S. citizen” was created when “The freed “Negro”/“Black” slaves were free for a very short time until the unlawful reconstruction acts came to a climax in July of 1868, the coercion of the ‘14th Amendment’ at gunpoint and overthrow.”[4]

This system of dual citizenship, the meme continues, has created a country of “debt” slaves and is enforced by “JACKASS COPS!” These “Para-Military rabid-pit bulls…use Armoured Personnel Carriers” and “get ISRAEL, Inc. Training, and why? Well guess who owns the FEDERAL RESERVE. Yup, the Zionist Banksters…The FRAUD and DECEPTION of the Satanic Zionist Jesuit Freemason scum that’s foisted on YOU by THEIR MEDIA, Schools, Medical Industry and Hollywood is executed by STUPID ASS, CROOKED ASS, JACKASS COPS.”[5]

In keeping with such views, Pellegrino recently posted a video of a speech by anti-Semite David Icke and bearing the description “David Icke sharing the truth.”[6] Pellegrino has circulated material from KrisAnne Hall, a “constitutionalist” whose “theories” would gut the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – a cornerstone of civil rights in the U.S. This included boosting a May appearance by Hall in Sacramento, California.[7]

Pellegrino has been an ardent supporter of militias, sporting Three Percenter garb, traveling to Virginia to attend a January 2020 militia gathering in Richmond, and declaring that “militia and Liberty groups need to go out in force and perform citizens (sic) Arrest (sic).”[8]

In early June, Pellegrino posted a meme alerting “ALL IDAHO UNITS” that “WE HAVE ANTIFA IN COEUR D ALENE” [caps in original].[9] Pellegrino posted a May meme declaring that “contact investigators for tracking and tracing will be the start of the 2nd CIVIL war. thank (sic) a socialist” [caps in original].[10] Combining such views with a “deep state” conspiracy theory, Pellegrino would write, “Trump will have a civil war to deal with if we dont (sic) see immediate arrest of deep state fed scum.”[11] In May he posted his own thoughts that “leaders of CDC FDA WHO need (sic) hung for treason.”[12]

Pellegrino has also played a prominent role in We the People conferences in Idaho that have featured paramilitary leaders such as Ammon Bundy and Eric Parker of the Idaho 3%, alongside speakers from the John Birch Society, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, and groups like Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.[13]

In keeping with such politics, Pellegrino has declared that the coronavirus is a “conjob,” and that “covid is a scam.”[14] He also wrote that those wearing masks to protect themselves and the community from the virus are “controlled by socialism.” Also, “VACCINES ARE BIOWEAPONS,” says Pellegrino [caps in original ]. [15]

Pellegrino has compared compliance with COVID-19-related restrictions to going along with the Holocaust and referred to store employees enforcing mask orders as “sharia enforcement” – the latter a common anti-Muslim canard in which many on the far right falsely depict an emerging Muslim takeover of the United States.[16]


Notable Facebook Likes: Idaho Tea Party, Eastern Idaho Tea Party, Young America’s Foundation, Vaccine Freedom Idaho, Virginia Citizens Defense League, The New American Magazine, Steven K. Bannon, Exposing Vaccine Deception, Lavoy – One Cowboy’s #Stand for Freedom, Patriots for Life, Constitution Party of Idaho, Ammon  Bundy, The Pete Santilli Show, Cliven Bundy American Patriot, The Daily Caller, American Lands Council, Act for America, Bundy Ranch, The  John Birch Society, Krisanne Hall, JD, I Stand with the Oregon Militia, Michelle Malkin, Act for American Spokane Chapter, CBN News, Idaho Freedom Foundation, Save the Confederate Flag, The Confederate Brotherhood, Gun Owners of America, Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, Breitbart, The Patriot Post, Tea Party, Numbers USA, National Pro-Life Alliance, FreedomWorks, Focus on the Family, Tenth Amendment Foundation, and Tea Party Patriots.[17]



[1] Pellegrino, Tony. Facebook. April 2, 2020.; Pellegrino, Tony. May 7, 2020.; Pellegrino, Tony. Facebook. September 2, 2020. Pellegrino, Tony. Facebook. September 1, 2020. In addition to promoting the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory and the idea of a “Deep State” government, Pellegrino, circulated a meme apparently to referring measures take to stem the coronavirus have been a “6 month free trial of the New World Order.” Pellegrino has also posted a meme asking “why can’t Soros be investigated for funding riots, anarchy, and domestic terrorism?” Soros refers to George Soros, the liberal Jewish philanthropist who many far rightist place behind societal ills and domestic unrest.

[2] Pellegrino, Tony. Facebook. March 21, 2020.

[3] Ibid. Pellegrino’s “Truth Pill” argues that this dual government was initially created when a “Military Coup displaced the previous overthrow called the constitution. The constitution of 1789 was unlawfully created to displace the Articles of Confederation” – a “truth” “evidenced,” in true conspiracy theory form, by the change from a capitol “T” in the name “The United States of America” in the Articles of Confederation to a lower case in the U.S. Constitution.

[4] Ibid. In this new system, the “theory” explains,“All freed slaves got new owners, and all the rest of the people became slaves/citizens/subjects.” This new brand of citizen is contrast to the “Natural Man,” the effect being that there is “NO CORPORATE JURISDICTION OVER THE NATURAL MAN.”

[5] Ibid.     The meme elaborates that, “Everyone is treated as a POW/war booty/DEBT slave and after 1933, the enemies of the states. To keep this short and overly simplified after the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT 1913 the currency was coopted by the Crown…YOU are a DEBT slave for the Vatican. That thing that every thinks is the Christian capitol of the world? That’s a Satanic Jesuit Freemason hell hole that runs everything by military force…Now everyone is a TAX slave, under colour of law, under martial law rule, raped a robbed the Crown Temple B.A.R. with Grand Master Masons running each Corporate STATE OF…no common law courts, and how do they enforce all this?…YUP! JACKASS COPS! They hire the biggest psychopaths with sociopathic tendencies…

The Para-Military rabid-pit bulls are under and protected by the Fraternal Order of Freemasons, oops, Police. They wear military uniforms. They carry heavy Artillery. They use Armoured Personnel Carriers. They get ISRAEL, Inc. Training, and why? Well guess who owns the FEDERAL RESERVE. Yup, the Zionist Banstkers…The FRAUD and DECEPTION of the Satanic Zionist Jesuit Freemason scum that’s foisted on YOU by THEIR MEDIA, Schools, Medical Industry and Hollywood is executed by STUPID ASS, CROOKED ASS, JACKASS COPS…If you KNOW you’re not lawfully under their enslavement, they’ll call you a ‘sovereign citizen’ or ‘domestic terrorist’ or ‘public threat’ or now, ‘American National.’ They parrot their overlords in the ADL, B.A.R., SPLC, FBI, Masons, and others…When you support genocidal ISRAEL INC. war mongers because TB tells you to, they you’re in need of a cold slap across your face. Stope watching that STUPID FUCKING ZIONIST Hollywood Chimp Training.”

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