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Chapter Four:

A Den of Rattlesnakes

Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network

Chapter Four:

A Den of Rattlesnakes

People's Rights, Violence, Militias, & Far-Right Street Fighters

Despite all the talk of “rights” and “freedom,” a culture of violence and fear lies at the center of the People’s Rights message. As Bundy told the crowd at the third meeting of the group, if local, state, or federal officials attempt to enforce laws that the group doesn’t like, People’s Rights is prepared to adopt a violent posture.

“Even though I hesitate to compare us to rattlesnakes, right, we do on the Gadsden Flag certainly have a snake and it says ‘don’t tread on me’ well we’re going to flip that around because what we want to become, what we will become, we are going to be like a den of rattlesnakes—because we will be so venomous if our rights are even threatened one bit, we will be venomous. So people that would normally simply trample on rights will simply walk around us. They will go around because it is not worth their effort. They don’t want to get bit.”[34]

Not surprisingly, that sort of rhetoric has attracted numerous militia members, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and other far-right paramilitary types to People’s Rights.

Report researchers documented that state and area People’s Rights leaders have been members of at least 31 different Militia-type Facebook groups (militias, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, patriot, minutemen, etc.).[35] This includes memberships in groups like APIII-American Patriots the III% Old School, III% United Patriots, LFA III% Washington, Montana Militia, North Cascades Patriots, Oregon III%, Southern California Patriots, Southwest Missouri Militia, Washington III%, and the Washington State Militia.

Membership in militia-type groups is even more pronounced among People’s Rights Facebook group members. Report researchers found that 756 members of People’s Rights various Facebook groups are members of one or more of 203 different militia-type Facebook groups.[36] One member of Open Carry UTAH- OCU (An arm of, for instance, is Mark “from Michigan” Koernke, one of the most notorious militia leaders of the 1990s.[37]

Additionally, twenty-two members of People’s Rights Facebook groups were members of one or more of the Facebook groups dedicated to Matt Shea’s secessionist “Liberty State” effort.[38] In 2019, a state House report found that Shea “planned and participated in domestic terrorism against the United States before and during the armed takeover at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.”[39]

In addition to the ties to far-right paramilitaries, there are People’s Rights area assistants who have been members of the Facebook group of Patriot Prayer, the group known for violent street clashes and Islamophobic rallies. Peoples Rights Oregon area 3 assistant, Jill Litzsinger, and Washington area 4 assistant, Kelli Stewart, were both members of the Patriot Prayer Facebook group (before it was removed from the platform). Throughout the summer at People’s Rights protests in Washington, Patriot Prayer founder, Joey Gibson, was a frequent featured speaker. Gibson is awaiting trial on felony riot charges after Patriot Prayer members attacked a group of anti-fascists in Portland.[40] [For more on Joey Gibson, select his profile]

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer with Kelli Stewart. 

Patriot Prayer’s anti-left fanaticism is reflected in some members wearing t-shirts declaring that “Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong,” according to press reports. This refers to the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who came to power through a CIA-backed military coup that overthrew democratically-elected President Salvador Allende. After seizing power, the Pinochet regime launched a campaign of brutal repression against left opposition.[41]

Patriot Prayer events have often included members of the racist reactionary group, the Proud Boys, in the crowd. Since their creation in 2016, the Proud Boys have become infamous for their racism, misogyny, and acts of street violence. People’s Rights activists have not shied away from the violence and racism of the Proud Boys.

During the presidential debate on September 30, President Trump told the Proud Boys to “stand back” and “stand by.” While the Proud Boys were busy gaining new members and selling T-shirts with their newfound fame, a member of the People’s Rights Idaho Facebook group posted an image of the Proud Boys logo wrapped by that phrase, to which the activist attached the note, “That’s right!”[42] Another member added, “Good advice for all of us.”[43]

On August 31, People’s Rights Oregon area 1 assistant, Amanda Vital, circulated an announcement for September 26 Proud Boys rally in Portland.[44] The advertisement included the phrase “Free Kyle Rittenhouse,” the far-rightist who killed two Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

At least one People’s Rights area assistant has a history around the Proud Boys. Alicia Peterson, an Idaho area 3 assistant, posted pictures with Proud Boys in September 2017.[45]

People’s Rights activists have sought out conflict on playgrounds, in stores, and government buildings. On August 10, after being asked to wear a mask at Costco, and refusing to do so, People’s Rights leader Ammon Bundy said in a Facebook video, “You can’t even go to the store without feeling like a 1933 Jew…I mean I really can sympathize with them a little bit.”[46]

Later in the month, Bundy was arrested twice for refusing to leave an area of the Idaho Statehouse. In one of the episodes, Bundy and a group, none wearing community-protecting masks, was reported to have shoved police officers and broken a glass door to gain entry. Bundy would be banned from the building for one year.[47]

Ammon Bundy and cohorts showed up at a high school football game in Caldwell, Idaho on October 1. He and his group were asked to wear a mask, just like everyone else. They refused to wear a mask or leave Caldwell High property. They were given the option of watching the game from the park. They refused and became disruptive. After “a threat to the safety of the school was made” the school district was forced to end the game at halftime.[48] Bundy and his group frequently use force or threatening actions, to disrupt, postpone, or shut down public events.


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Ammon's Army

Inside the Far-Right People's Rights Network

A Special Report of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights and the Montana Human Rights Network

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