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Profile: Angela Clemons

People’s Rights Arkansas State Leader

Part of the IREHR/MHRN special report, Ammon’s Army.


Angela Clemons

Arkansas State Assistant for Areas 1-8

Location: Mulberry, Arkansas


Angela Clemons is a far-right conspiracy theorist, anti-masker, and an anti-vaxxer who has promoted the conspiracy that the “CoronaVirus is part of the forced vaccination” effort and that it “came from SARS corona vaccine created and given to Chinese people” in 2004. She claims that the US is “soon to adopt coronavirus vaccine, the same that is killing the population of China.”[1] Clemons opposes reproductive freedom for women, referring to abortion as “genocide.”[2]

Most notably, however, Clemons has been referred to as the “right-hand girl” of an imprisoned militia leader.[3] Clemons headed fundraising efforts for Francis Schaeffer Cox, a common-law court activist and former Alaska Peacekeeper Militia leader convicted in 2012 on federal charges of conspiracy to murder a judge and law enforcement officials. Cox and others had stockpiled weapons and been recorded discussing a “2-4-1” plan to kidnap or kill 2 law enforcement officials for every member of his group arrested or killed. Before his arrest, Cox claimed Fairbanks, Alaska, was “on the edge of blood in the streets,” and that his militia could kill anyone that he believed was acting tyrannically. He said using the ballot box wasn’t working, and that change would have to come by “muzzle flash.”[4] Cox had also been a delegate to a 2009 We The People (WTP) Continental Congress that took up the racist birth cause by demanding that President Barack Obama produce his birth certificate. The group also called for the repeal of all social service spending.[5]

Notable Facebook Likes: Patriot Prayer, Michelle Malkin, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Sheriff Richard Mack, Like this page if Ron Paul should be President, Candace Owens, Gun Owners of America, Redoubt News, Schaeffer Cox, Ron Paul, Fully Informed Jury Association, Breitbart, Tenth Amendment Center, Bundy Ranch, Stand True Pro-Life Outreach and KrisAnne Hall, JD.[6]

Notable Group Memberships: Reopen Arkansas – End Govt Covid19 Overreach.



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Ammon's Army

Inside the Far-Right People's Rights Network

A Special Report of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights and the Montana Human Rights Network

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