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IREHR in RawStory: “Oklahomans terrified of right-wing extremists 28 years after Tim McVeigh’s federal building bombing” – April 19, 2023

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IREHR’s Vice President, Leonard Zeskind, was quoted in RawStory;

“The only way to save America was to assert your Christian sovereignty, your white Christian sovereignty,” Said Zeskind

“Ruby Ridge, more even than Robert Matthews and The Order, became a central calling card and rallying card for the far right,” Zeskind explained. “For them, the government was after Weaver’s guns and his religion. And guns and religion became the twin pillars of the white supremacist movement.”

“White supremacists like Beam saw in this standoff the same issues that they had decided were important with Randy Weaver [Ruby Ridge],” said Zeskind. “The Branch Davidians were not white supremacists, but now a broader group in the far right sees itself in Waco, and says, ‘We’re being suppressed for our beliefs and our guns.'”

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Laura Gibbons

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