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IREHR in the Spokesman-Review: “Democracy ‘hangs in the balance’ of Trump indictment case, local experts warn” – August 4, 2023

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IREHR’s Executive Director, Devin Burghart, was quoted in the Spokesman-Review;

“This is not an indictment about what has been said, it is an indictment about conduct,” said Devin Burghart

Author Ellen Dennis writes, “The institute Burghart heads tracks far-right and white nationalist extremist groups across the country. Burghart said such groups have only picked up steam since the Jan. 6 insurrection, spreading conspiracy theories that the indictment is a smear campaign by the federal government. Trump’s presidency and legal troubles, he said, have fueled a fire of misinformation and political violence.”

“This indictment really cements Trump’s status as a martyr,” Burghart said. “That’s really important. Now you have inside the political far-right rumblings of a war. In this case a civil war.”

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Laura Gibbons

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