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IREHR in WTAQ: “Far-right activists wary of ‘trap’ after Trump calls for protests” – March 20, 2023

By April 20, 2023May 4th, 2023No Comments1 min read

IREHR’s Executive Director, Devin Burghart, was quoted in WTAQ;

“Following Trump’s call for protest, we’ve documented three fairly distinct waves of responses on far-right social media,” said Devin Burghart.

“Wave one was a call to attention for Trump loyalty rallies. Almost immediately thereafter there was a second wave of, ‘Don’t protest, it’s a trap just like January 6th,’ that really overtook the first,” Burghart said.

“Most have moved to a third position where they have moved to supporting the Trump rally in Waco next weekend as a sort of compromise,” Burghart added.

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Laura Gibbons

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Laura Gibbons is an IREHR research associate.

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