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IREHR in the Huffpost: “A Reality Star Sheriff Could Swing A Senate Race To The Far Right” – May 1, 2023

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IREHR’s Executive Director, Devin Burghart, was cited and quoted in the Huffpost;

Author Matt Shuham writes, “Despite his penchant for incendiary comments, Lamb may run an image-conscious campaign full of law-and-order bona fides and tough talk about the border, said Devin Burghart, executive director of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights.”

“The campaign will start with a lot of those platitudes,” Burghart said. “But those platitudes will quickly give way to the reality of promoting many of the same far-right politics that he’s already done as sheriff.”

Shuham continues, “Burghart said his group took notice of Lamb when he started bringing politicians to the border and pursuing other made-for-TV stunts that were ‘perfectly crafted for increasing tensions around the immigration issue.’ Lamb, Burghart said, is a useful bellwether for far-right policies that have become palatable for ‘mainstream’ Republicans.”

“He is very much both a mouthpiece for, and a creation of, the far-right movement in Arizona and nationally,” Burghart said.

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