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IREHR in the Illinois Eagle: “Roots in far right conspiracism: CSPOA on-the-ground in Illinois” – March 1, 2023

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IREHR’s Research Director, Chuck Tanner, had an article published in the Illinois Eagle. Some quotes from the article;

Chuck Tanner writes, “In announcing its March 4 training for law enforcement officers in Illinois, CSPOA CEO Sam Bushman described that one of the group’s strategies for growth is to host rallies with multiple organizations, explicitly naming the Christian Right Eagle Forum and the conspiracy-weaving John Birch Society as examples.[1]”

He continues on, “The host of CSPOA’s March 4 invitation-only event is Danny Banks, a Rolling Meadows, Illinois-based anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist whose social media posts provide clues explaining his involvement with CSPOA.[2]”

Tanner writes, “Another CSPOA organizer on the ground in Illinois is Jennifer Martin, the activist who corresponded with the Illinois Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Jim Kaitschuk and whose message was sent to sheriffs around the state.”

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Laura Gibbons

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