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IREHR in the Illinois Eagle: “Far-right ‘Constitutional Sheriffs’ group launches effort to infiltrate Illinois law enforcement” – February 27, 2023

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IREHR’s Research Director, Chuck Tanner, had an article published in the Illinois Eagle. Some quotes from the article;

Chuck Tanner writes, “In the wake of dozens of Illinois sheriffs declaring their refusal to enforce a recently-passed gun law, the far-right Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) has stepped up a campaign to infiltrate Illinois law enforcement and galvanize far-right efforts across the state.”

He continues on, “Passed in January, the Protect Illinois Communities Act bars the manufacture, possession, sale, purchase, and delivery of assault weapons and attachments, 0.50 caliber rifles and cartridges, and large-capacity magazines.[1]”

Tanner writes, “On January 11, the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association (ISA), a state non-profit headed by Executive Director Jim Kaitschuk, issued a ‘Legislative Alert’ declaring that it had ‘OPPOSED this legislation throughout its development and REMAINS OPPOSED to the bill as passed.’”

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Laura Gibbons

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