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IREHR in the Kansas City Star: “Johnson County sheriff tells Las Vegas crowd his election fraud investigation continues” – July 13, 2022

By July 13, 2022May 4th, 2023No Comments1 min read

IREHR’s Executive Director, Devin Burghart, was quoted by the Kansas City Star;

“If you’re worried about January 6, now we have the far right building up an insurrectionary force inside law enforcement,” said Devin Burghart

“They want to make sure that next time, if they want to stop counting, or if they don’t like the way things are going, they can just get their county sheriff to roll up and grab the voting machines or grab the lock boxes, or anything else. That’s the insidious nature of this thing. It’s terrifying.” Said Burghart

Investigative Reporter, Judy Thomas, writes, “Burghart said opposition to COVID-related mandates and regulations has attracted people to the sheriffs’ movement.”

Thomas continues, “Burghart said Mack downplays his involvement with the Oath Keepers. But Burghart said Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, one of those charged with sedition in connection with the Capitol riot, was at the CSPOA’s 2019 convention.”

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