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IREHR in Inlander: “Why Coeur d’Alene’s ‘Pride in the Park’ became the target for white supremacist groups like Patriot Front” – June 17, 2022

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IREHR’s President and Executive Director, Devin Burghart, was quoted by Inlander;

Investigative Reporter Daniel Walters writes, “Devin Burghart, president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, says Patriot Front has suffered high-profile humiliations.”

“Patriot Front had a couple of different difficult run-ins in the past few years,” Burghart says. “Their D.C. or Philadelphia events — optically they came across looking weak and disorganized. They were left literally fleeing what was supposed to be seen as a show of force.”

“In the early days it looked like it was mostly local and regional actors that got involved,” says Burghart.

“They saw the Pride group as small,”Burghart says, “They knew they had a large base of support in the area. They had local activists on the ground. They had other groups they could mobilize. A show of force is important to have the kind of intimidating impact that these groups were looking for.”

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