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IREHR in CT Insider: “Report Finds 16 Connecticut legislators have joined ‘far-right’ Facebook groups” – May 23, 2022

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IREHR’s report, Breaching the Mainstream, was cited in CT Insider;

Reporter Ken Dixon writes, “The report by the progressive Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) found that nearly 900 state legislators in all 50 states have joined at least one of 789 far-right Facebook groups, particularly in western and southern states, where many are still in denial over the 2020 presidential election.”

Dixon continues, “The groups include white nationalist, paramilitary, QAnon, anti-immigrant or Stop the Steal, as well as others that do not engage in nationalist or racist proselytizing, but do encourage opposition to government mask and vaccination rules and other public health efforts to contain COVID-19, the report indicates.”

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Laura Gibbons

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Laura Gibbons is an IREHR research associate.

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