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IREHR in The Guardian: “Republican hopes to ride far-right rage into Idaho’s governor’s office” – March 18, 2022

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Devin Burghart, executive director of the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, was quoted by The Guardian a few times:

“There are a lot of implications for having someone in the executive branch giving the stamp of approval to far-right paramilitary groups and white nationalists,”

“In recent years it is unprecedented to see a lieutenant governor doing things like participating in a white nationalist conference or weighing in on a far-right-driven child endangerment issue, we haven’t seen that high a level of support for the far right since the days of the Council of Conservative Citizens, the lineal descendants of the White Citizens Council in the south.” 

“What happens out here in the west becomes a model, a testing ground for far-right activism. And what happens out here in the west doesn’t stay in the west, it migrates around the country,” 

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Laura Gibbons

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