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Beyond the continuation of the GOP-targeting political strategy articulated by Nick Fuentes and the “groypers,” in the wake of the loss by Donald Trump, a variety of white nationalist responses emerged regarding the election and the so-called “Stop the Steal” effort to dispute the results.

The main third party electoral vehicle for white nationalists, the America Freedom Party, looked at the growing mobilization as an opportunity to advance itself as a third-party alternative for “race-conscious whites.” Three from the white nationalist group attended the Million MAGA March in Washington D.C., distributing flyers and noting that “We did not make our way out there simply to support Donald Trump, but instead to spread our message to potentially like-minded people.” They noted the “large contingent of the America First movement” present, praising that Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey’s speeches were “of decent quality and did their job of riling up the crowd.” The AFP contingent also praised that the “Proud Boys…performed valiantly in battle when they were attacked by BLM and Antifa.”[1]

In contrast to Fuentes’ pitch to press the cause inside the GOP, the American Freedom Party argued that,

“If there is anything that the Grand Old Party is good at, it is quarantining and ultimately silencing the opinions of patriotic European-American people. It is evident to us that the patriotic true Americans in the GOP have to leave the Republican Party plantation…When Trump is eventually gone, whether that be in a few months or four years, there will be no place for your point of view in the Republican Party…As long as we exist, the American Freedom Party will always be the patriot’s party, and will be ready to defend White American’s interest by any means available to us. The more we grow, the more we can defend, and there is definitely a place for you.”[2]

Other white nationalists offered little in the way of immediate electoral strategy, choosing instead to push narratives of white dispossession in the hopes of radicalizing the Trump base and deepening disillusionment with the political system.

Counter-Currents’ Richard Houck wrote that “A tremendous number of Biden votes came from people who are in this country because of an illegitimate immigration act, enfranchised by an illegitimate voting rights act. Both were forced upon the nation without the consent of its citizens. Somewhere around 100 million people who have no business being here nonetheless are here, and they can directly affect our lives.”[3] Citing some of the spurious claims of voting irregularities put forward by Stop the Stealers, Houck wrote that, “A major contributor to the public outcry over this election is surely the knowledge that those conspiring against the will of 72 million Americans are displaying a tremendously brazen power and arrogance with no consequences. Trump is and always has been a mere proxy for heritage white Americans…Like Trump or not, if they will treat him this way with impunity, they will do anything they want to the rest of us.”[4]

Similarly, Counter-Currents’ Robert Hampton, who wrote, “The main narrative the Right needs to promote after the election is that it was rigged against the historic American nation” – “historic American nation” being a common white nationalist euphemism for white people. “This memory,” Hampton continued, “will delegitimize the system in their minds and persuade them to abandon delusions about American democracy…Trump supporters will be our base for years to come, and they’re getting woker by the day…Millions of white Americans seeing the system as corrupt is an incredible opportunity.”[5]

Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents

On November 11, Counter-Currents’ Greg Johnson had bemoaned that “many race-conscious whites are depressed by the outcome [of the election] thus far,” stating that, “If the time comes for visible demonstrations of public support, I will take part.” He concluded however, that he would get back to the group’s work of “laying the intellectual groundwork for White Nationalism, meaning the right of all white peoples to their own sovereign homelands.” In the end, Johnson argued that regardless of the electoral outcome, white nationalists “simply need to work harder to persuade more people of the necessity of more radical solutions.”[6]

While these writers offered little in the way of immediate electoral strategy, Counter-Currents’ Travis LeBlanc recounted his own jaunt to the “Million MAGA March,” casting himself “an unapologetic [Nick] Fuentes plan-truster.” In an article titled “Groypers on the March,” he continued that, “If you could show me irrefutable evidence that strapping on a swastika armband and marching through town in a plastic Stahlhelm was effective at winning people over to the pro-white cause, I would do it…Lucky for me, no such evidence exists.” Rather, he argued that, “Fuentes knows what he is doing and he gets results. I’m willing to overlook a lot if someone gets results.”[7]

Writing for VDARE, Noah Arnold celebrated the Million MAGA March and “Stop the Steal” effort, noting that “Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, Vincent James, and Mike Lindell were just a few of the patriots to join the marchers.”[v8] Arnold also offered that, “It was vital that the Proud Boys, and other like-minded patriots were on duty to protect innocent rally-goers.”[9] Also for VDARE, James Kirkpatrick egged on opposition to the electoral outcome because “If a rigged system is going to take President Trump down, he can take it down with him…He governed like a conventional Republican while talking like a nationalist…Nonetheless, with his back to the wall, Trump can and should fight.”[10] A.W. Morgan warned that “Apart from a patriot resolve we’ve never yet seen in the GOP/ GAP, the Biden-Harris regime will carpet-bomb the Historic American Nation with millions of instant Democrats from the Third World, and will finish the Great Replacement the Kennedys and Rep. Emanuel Celler began with the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. Brace yourself. If you’re a part of the Historic American Nation, and unless something changes, you’ll soon be an outcast in your own country.”[11]

Praise for the “groypers” from the American Freedom Party, VDARE and Travis LeBlanc at Counter-Currents

On November 13, American Renaissance’s Chris Roberts wrote that “I encourage American Renaissance readers to attend these [Stop the Steal] events. If nothing else, they will be a chance to meet whites who are not afraid to voice controversial opinions.”[12] Elsewhere, the group used the election to press the idea of immigrants stealing elections, Ilana Mercer writing that “The point made here is that you can rest assured voter fraud is rampant in the US as in any banana republic — and not only because Americans are barred from checking whether a Muslim murderer is a fellow-citizen. But, rather, because the progressive, globalist left has fought down-and-dirty to bar any proof of citizenship at the time of voting” [italics in original].[13]

Other white nationalists appeared to misread the room and the movement’s opportunity for growth. As if attempting to render himself even more irrelevant to the movement, Richard Spencer defended Tucker Carlson’s demand that the Trump team present actual evidence of voter fraud if they were going to press that case. Spencer tweeted that Carlson is “intelligent and cares about maintaining credibility; castigated “Q people” for “pizzagate-ing Tucker Carlson because he dared to demand evidence of election fraud;” and argued that, “Everyone who’s not deluded or a grifter, and who’s in it for the long haul, has distanced themselves, in some way, from the MAGA farce.”[14]

Longtime antisemite and American Freedom Party figure Kevin MacDonald attempted to walk all sides of the argument. One the one hand, he tweeted out an Epoch Times article (who have favorably covered Stop the Steal events) about voting machines and tweeted admiringly of Trump voter “allegiance to Trump” and “feeling of betrayal by the Republican establishment, none of whom showed up at the huge pro-Trump rally in DC last week.” On the other hand, MacDonald praised Tucker Carlson as possibly the “only honest journalist left” and admonished that Trump administration attorney Sidney Powell “can’t possibly think she can BS her way through this [unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud] forever…It’s a ridiculous embarrassment & hurts her boss.”[15]

Antisemite Kevin MacDonald of the American Freedom Party on all sides of the argument

Even “groyper” and former American Identity Movement head Patrick Casey seemed to question the Trump administration’s integrity, stating that it was “significant and curious” that Trump had distanced himself from Powell, despite having previously tweeted a list of his lawyers that included Powell.[16]

National socialist David Duke, unable to contain his antisemitism, pressed that “the company whose voting machines are at the center of the rigged election aimed at deposing Real President Trump” is 72% owned by “a Jewish family from Iran.”[17]

National socialist David Duke defaults to antisemitism

In the early days after a consequential election where a white nationalist-sympathetic figure is tossed out, it’s important to watch for new developments and changing dynamics inside white nationalism. These clues will help fill in the picture of where white nationalism is heading in 2021 and beyond.



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