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This is the story of one man who went from a clean-shaven, if far-right-leaning, candidate for the U.S. Senate to a bushy-bearded white nationalist in just six years. His plunge into vicious antisemitism and racism is similar to others radicalized online, drawn to real-world far-right activism, and pulled down into the white nationalist movement.

“We are excited to welcome former senate candidate Sam Parker as a VIP at AFPAC IV!” announced America First HQ, a Telegram site promoting the organization of white nationalist “Groyper” leader Nick Fuentes. Parker is scheduled to share the stage with figures like Fuentes and white nationalist luminary Jared Taylor at the American First Political Action Conference IV (AFPAC IV) on June 15 in Detroit, Michigan. [1]

The announcement of Sam Parker speaking at Nick Fuentes' AFPAC IV conference.

The announcement of Sam Parker speaking at Nick Fuentes’ AFPAC IV conference.

The path propelling Sam Parker to AFPAC IV traversed the ground of MAGA politics and the Tea Party-linked Convention of the States.

Origin Story

Sam Parker grew up in Centralia, Washington, in what he called a “very conservative household.” “My parents listened to Rush Limbaugh, so I listened to Rush Limbaugh.”

According to Parker, his radicalization path began online, and he “moved past some of that stuff” quickly.[2] He’s discussed how he started on Reddit, then after being “censored,” he moved to Voat—a white nationalist Reddit clone. According to Parker, it took him “about six months” to become radicalized. The short-lived Voat and white Christian nationalist social network, Gab, became influences in his ideological formation and his drive to become an online “political and social commentator.”[3]

When he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, he got involved in local Republican politics and encountered Utah’s unique caucus system for selecting general election candidates. In 2018, he decided to challenge Mitt Romney in the Republican party primary for the US Senate.

During his brief Senate run, Sam Parker posted a meme titled “MAGLA: Make American Government Local Again.” The meme featured the range of issues and slogans that have united, in various instances and not completely, Christian nationalist, white nationalist, broader far right, middle American nationalist, and MAGA activists:

The second-to-last point above sheds light on Sam Parker’s involvement in another far-right organization, declaring, “Restore Constitutional government by supporting the Convention of the States & other Constitutional-repair measures.”[4]

Parker also pushed a frontal assault on the U.S. Constitution that he would like to bring about, including stark attacks on addressing income equality, civil rights, and democracy. He called for the repeal of the 16th (income tax), 17th (direct election of U.S. Senators), 19th (women’s voting rights), and 26th (voting age lowered to 18) Amendments. Parker also advocated repealing the Immigration Act of 1965, which ended the white supremacist quotas of the 1924 Immigration Act.[5]

Despite a mere six-week campaign in which he finished a distant fourth among primary caucus voters, Parker continues to tout his status as a “US Senate candidate.”

Sam Parker and Convention of the States

In May 2018, Parker joined the Utah Chapter of the Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity. He also announced becoming the “NEW UTAH DIRECTOR” for the Tea Party spinoff, Convention of States (COS). Parker announced,

“I’m proud to be a member of this movement to take our government and rights back. Please consider joining, signing the petition and joining the cause. Message me if you’re interested in helping build out the movement here in Utah. #ConventionOfStates #COS #ArticleV.”[6]

Sam Parker Convention of the States Utah State Director

Sam Parker while Convention of the States Utah State Director

The Convention of States was founded by onetime Tea Party Patriots leader Mark Meckler (who still leads COS) and Michael Farris, the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association and onetime CEO of the Christian Right and anti-LGBTQ+ Alliance Defending Freedom.[7] The group’s corporate entities consist of the 501(c)4 Convention of States Foundation (the business name of Citizens for Self-Governance) and the Convention of States Action, a 501(c)4.[8]

The Convention of States defines its mission as,

“a national effort to call a convention under Article V of the United States Constitution, restricted to proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.”[9]

While the group offers little concrete information about specific Amendments it supports, save for term limits, any such convention would undoubtedly turn into a free-for-all aiming to remake the Constitution in the image of Tea Party-style politics.

Ideas and goals promoted by the Utah COS and President Mark Meckler give serious cause for concern. Under subsequent state leadership, the Utah COS chapter and Meckler have promoted issues akin to those endorsed in Sam Parker’s “MAGLA” post. In May 2023, for instance, the Utah chapters’ Utah Pioneer Patriots Newsletter reprinted a “COS National Update” from COS President Meckler. Meckler’s message took up the language of an immigrant “invasion,” even declaring that “we simply cannot sit by and watch as mass genocide sweeps across our southern border”:

“We need to fix our Southern border!!! On April 29, COS leaders and devoted patriots assembled at the Texas Capitol in Austin to demand that our elected leaders take action to end the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Our elected leaders have failed to secure the border and repel the invasion. We will no longer accept the erosion of America or its values by allowing the humanitarian crisis at our southern border to continue. We must act NOW to repel this unprecedented invasion. Our nation’s leaders have failed to act, so now it’s up to us — the American people — to demand action. Convention of States Action has the largest organization of liberty-loving grassroots activists in the United States. Although our primary objective is to pass the COS Resolution and call an Article V Convention, we simply cannot sit by and watch as mass genocide sweeps across our southern border. Imagine the impact of Texas passing this groundbreaking legislation – a Texas Border Defense Unit to defend US citizens. Think about if our southern states step up and do what the federal government has failed to — secure the border against an invasion of dangerous cartels. [Italics added]”[10]

The Utah COS newsletter also dipped into the world of Christian nationalism, printing an announcement of an event hosted by the Patriot Academy and describing that it would feature the group’s “newest Biblical Citizenship option.” [11] The group’s November 2023 “Utah Last Month” newsletter described that on October 7, “COS Utah attended in partnership with Patriot Academy – Constitution Coach Training.” (bold in original)[12]

According to its Founder and President, former Texas state legislator Rick Green, the group emerged in 2003 after leaders of Green’s Torch of Freedom laid the groundwork for “Patriot Academy – Capitol Boot Camps, a weeklong summer program to train students in conservative principles and practical politics, with an emphasis on Godly character.”

As the Patriot Academy’s self-history elaborates,

‘During this time, Rick joined WallBuilders, an organization dedicated to preserving America’s Godly heritage. WallBuilders embraced Patriot Academy and sponsored it as an outstanding opportunity to raise up the next.”[13]

Wallbuilder’s founder, David Barton, is a Christian nationalist pseudo-historian known for pushing the narrative that America is a Christian nation and the separation of church a “myth” – a view that the group continues to promote.[14] Barton is currently listed as a Patriot Academy Board of Advisors member.[15] In keeping with Barton’s characteristic melding of church and politics, the Patriot Academy describes that,

“Being Biblical Citizens requires a knowledge of Biblical principles and how to apply them to the world around us. You and your church can be the catalyst for restoring Biblical values in your neighborhood, State, and Nation.”[16]

Becoming a COS State Director

Becoming a COS state director is not simply a process of volunteering. Applicants for the position must answer a series of questions addressing the steps they would take to recruit and “educate your district,” the extent of their existing relationships with state legislators, other potential leaders, and “large groups” such as churches, schools, community groups, unions, and clubs; their relevant volunteer experience and reasons they would be a “good fit” for the position. They must also provide “two professional references.”[17]

Leaders then engage in training, which consists in part of three hours of video, reading a training manual, and electronically acknowledging that they have read it and “understand the responsibilities of your role” before moving on to a second layer of training.[18]

Once selected, a state director is responsible for recruiting district leaders, vetting state applications, developing grassroots and legislative strategies, hosting weekly conference calls, participating in state director and leader conference calls, and reporting progress to the Regional Director.[19]

Convention of States leaders make considerable efforts to allay concerns about their endgame, including that “There’s no way to control a modern-day Article V Convention. They might throw out parts of the Bill of Rights or draft a whole new Constitution.”[20]

A March 2019 photo on his U.S. Senate campaign Facebook page shows Parker at the Utah Republicans State Convention behind the Convention of States literature table.[21]

In 2019, Parker helped lead the passage of S.J.R. 9, a Joint Resolution passed by the Utah legislature that “expresses support for a convention of the states to discuss potential amendments to the Constitution of the United States.” The effort made Utah the fourteenth state to pass a similar COS-inspired resolution. A total of 19 states have now passed supporting resolutions, according to COS.[22]

According to Utah House minutes, Sam Parker testified for the bill along with other activists connected to the Convention of States.[23] A May National Convention of the States blog entry referenced Parker as the Utah state director and quoted him as saying, “The Utah state legislature has recognized that a convention of states for proposing amendments is the right solution for the country at the right time.”[24]

As of May 6, 2024, Sam Parker’s personal Facebook page continues to list him as the “Utah State Director for the Convention of States,” though he has since been replaced by Michelle Bellante Pratt and then Scott Pratt.[25] As recently as January 27, 2024, Parker confessed that he remains a COS member.[26]

The Turn to White Nationalism

In 2020, Parker had already taken to posting crassly antisemitic memes laced with a racialized nationalism. In one instance, he circulated a meme apparently intended to debunk the idea that “The great replacement is a conspiracy theory.” The meme cites the 2004 book The Pentagon’s New Map by “P.M. Barnett, JEW, director of the Israeli military consultancy Wikistrat.” The meme casts the book as advocating the “forcible-coordination of all countries” to be achieved by “mixing the races” to create a “population with an AVERAGE IQ OF 90” so that “European countries would NEVER AGAIN BE COMPETITORS.” Those resisting, the meme quotes, “should be killed.”[27] One problem with Sam Parker’s effort is that a search of the book available at the Internet Archive does not find this quote in the book – a common occurrence in antisemitic conspiracism.[28]

By early 2021, in an attack on conservatives, Parker was articulating the political position and core themes of white nationalists. Parker assailed the “linchpin(s) of conservatism” that “anyone can be American,” castigating Ronald Reagan because he “gave amnesty to millions of illegals,” which “literally turned California blue.” Criticizing the economic motives that long shaped conservative positions on immigration, Parker spewed the typical far-right attack on immigrants that come here “legally,” that “they can vote for anti-American & anti-Constitutional policies legally.”[29]

In the end, Parker’s counter to an immigration policy shaped by conservatism’s traditionally narrow business motives is not an expansion of rights, unions, and democracy for all workers but a genetically defined nationalism and the white nationalist canard of “demographic replacement:”

“Conservatism was designed from its beginning to pave the way for open borders, demographic replacement & worship of “Private” #BigBusiness corporatism… Reject & renounce it….‘Diversity’ is not our strength & never was.
-Multiculturalism destroys culture.

These are false ideals used to grease the skids of demographic transformation and cultural & genetic destruction of Western society… Multiculturalism is a weapon to destroy you. Renounce it…

‘White,’ European, Western Civ, Christianity, & Americanism aren’t exact equivalents–but they’re all closely interrelated & somewhat self-reinforcing. Therefore, by attacking 1, all are weakened. Our enemies know this. So they baked us a cake w/a poison pill inside: #ConInc. ”[30]

Parker’s attack on conservatism also amounts to a variant of middle American nationalist ideology, ultimately casting a genetically defined “‘White,’ European, Western Civ, Christianity, & Americanism,” as threatened by both immigrants and big business: “Finally, the other Big Lie of Conservatism: veneration & protection on #BigBusinessTyranny simply b/c it’s ‘private.’” [31]

By April 2024, Parker had graduated to endorsing, among other things, the idea that the “Holocaust was a LIE.” This came when Parker reposted a meme listing a litany of antisemitic tropes, of which he declared “All true. Crazy how a person can go their entire life and not learn these things. Thank goodness the world is waking up!”[32] The post that prompted this appears here:

Sam Parker and Nick Fuentes

One need look no further than Sam Parker’s social posts for further concern, as well as an understanding of his path to a white nationalist conference.

Parker is part of an online influencer cadre alongside white nationalists Lucas Gage and Keith Woods, Holocaust denier and 9/11 conspiracist Ryan Dawson, and far-right MMA fighter Jake Shields. “We try to speak with a unified voice and work as a team,” noted Parker.[33] The cadre makes up nearly one-third of the VIPs at Fuentes’ AFPAC IV, with Gage, Woods, and Parker all listed.

Lucas Gage, whose real name is Angelo John Gage, was a leader of the National Youth Front—the youth wing of the white nationalist American Freedom Party. Like Parker, Gage ran unsuccessfully for elected office.

Abandoned by several of his closest “Groyper” lieutenants, like Patrick Casey and Jaden McNeil, latching onto a new group of far-right influencers was a logical move for Nick Fuentes.

Another “VIP” announced as heading to the AFPAC IV conference, longtime white nationalist leader Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, points to the tricky ground on which Fuentes is walking. In the past, Taylor has been among a minority of white nationalist leaders who have attempted to recruit white nationalist Jews into the fold – something that led to conflict between national socialist David Duke and other attendees at the 2006 American Renaissance conference.[34]

In a video clip circulating on X (Twitter) in early May, Fuentes staked out his own position, opining that the “white nationalist circle” that includes Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow and VDARE, are “all Zionists. They’re are either pro-Zionist, or quietly pro-Zionist, or they’re not anti-Zionist. But they’re all pro-Jewish and all pro-Zionist.”[35]

Despite saying that “I know a lot of them and I like a lot of them,” Fuentes has recently written,

“When people like [white nationalist and former American Identity Movement leader] Patrick Casey or other allies of the Zionists insist that Jews are allies of White identitarians, nativists, conservatives, nationalists, as opposed to Muslims, this is clearly not the case. Some of these Zionist Jews may find American/European nationalists to be incidentally useful, but only insofar as they can advance the immediate interests of Israel. If anything, we have more of a common cause with Biden voters who, however misguided, seek to improve America, rather than Zionists who only care about Israel…

And here’s the important part— Zionists will always compromise on everything… other than their support for Israel…As long as the Right Wing movement is controlled by Zionists, this is how it will be. They may say a lot of things we agree with, but they will compromise on all of it with the political Left or whoever else in order to do what is best for Jews and Israel. By definition that is not a political movement for us.”[36]

For his part, Sam Parker is clearly team Fuentes – and team antisemitism. On February 15, 2024, Parker created a new Twitter account, “BasedSamParker.”[37] His first post: “Elon Musk says to come be a content creator on X. Make money on X. You’ll be safe here.”[38] Within a week, he was promoting a new children’s book “Translating Nick Fuentes” which depicts the white nationalist as the future president[39]

Parker has repeatedly boosted Nick Fuentes on his Twitter feed, promoting the upcoming AFPAC IV conference as the “Hottest event of the summer” and repeating Fuentes’s nationalist mantra “AMERICA FIRST IS INEVITABLE.”[40]

Offering his account as to why the white nationalist and antisemitic Fuentes was booted from Twitter, Sam Parker offered his own antisemitism, “Nick got canceled by the full might of the worldwide Israeli-censorship-industrial complex as an 18-year-old!”[41] In a May 4 tweet, Sam Parker simply said, “I’m beginning to believe the old libel stories,” a reference to the age-old lie about Jews sacrificing Christian children.[42]

Parker also shows that, like Nick Fuentes, he is using the current conflict in Gaza to gin up antisemitism – including using both Israeli military attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and pro-Palestinian protests to do so. In Parker’s case, he deploys the common white nationalist and antisemitic tack of placing Jews behind both sides and, ultimately, against white people:

“The jews (sic) control both sides and either vilify White conservatives–thus alienating them & driving them to support Israel–or they stir up racial hatred amongst Arabs and get them to embrace Marxism and anti-Westernism (Christian/White people and their political systems). Result: Americans end up hating Palestinians and blame Islam & communism for destroying their institutions, and Palestinians ends up hating Americans and the American government’s role in their genocide. Either way, jews (sic) escape without any blame and continue looking like victims to both sides, even though it’s jews (sic) subverting the American government & bombing Gaza.”[43]

Antisemitism as such is a radicalizing factor in these movements, positing a white world confronted with not just a pending left takeover but an actual control of government and “enemy” social movements by a malevolent entity – in this case, Jews. Such antisemitism is ubiquitous in the white nationalist movement. It also helps create a variant of a middle American nationalist ideology pitting white middle Americans against a force behind both international foreign policy (a threat from above) and “threatening” insurgencies of people of color – in this case, Palestinians (a threat from below). The alleged attack on whites by these forces is also a core ideology of the white nationalist movement.

Given Mark Meckler’s embrace of the idea that immigration constitutes an “invasion” amounting to a “genocide” and the Utah COS chapter’s promotion of Christian nationalism, we can also be certain that the days of far-right radicalization taking place in and around such groups are not over and will need to be defeated.

Sam Parker’s slated appearance at white nationalist Nick Fuente’s AFPAC IV demonstrates white nationalists’ ongoing efforts to move the broader movement in a white-ist direction.


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