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The white power skinhead group, Northwest Hammerskins, declared an escalation of activities in the Puget Sound region with the announcement of plans to hold a white power concert in the Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood and a march through Capitol Hill.

The events are scheduled to celebrate what white nationalists have dubbed “Martyr’s Day” – when they mark the death of Robert Mathews, the leader of the neo-Nazi terror group, The Order. The group had previously commemorated the event on land near the site of Mathews death on Whidbey Island.

Details about the 2015 Martyr’s Day event are still sketchy, coming from the white nationalist website Stormfront.

Just got word from those putting on the Martyr’s Day 2015 event and it is something you will NOT want to miss!

Join us Sunday, Dec. 6th in Ballard, WA. We will be meeting up at an undisclosed location in Ballard (actual address will be given the day of. Pm me or the NWHS )

The event will present five white power bands including Ironwill and Beer Hall Putsch and a couple others making their NW debuts. Comrades and crews from across the country will be in attendance and about 300 people are to be expected for a day of comraderie, music, hailing our heroes and good ol’ goosestepping. Food and drinks will also be provided.

After the bands and a traditional cross burning we will be marching through Capitol Hill in Seattle to show these liberals, anarchists antifa and fags that we are here and here to stay.

This will be the biggest event in NW history as of yet so let’s put the beautiful Pacific Northwest back on the map and make Robert Mathews proud.


Stay tuned as IREHR continues to dig for additional information regarding this event.

Devin Burghart

Author Devin Burghart

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