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Quietly, without comment or apology, the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition has removed a second troublesome figure from the website of the group’s fourth annual convention.

Less than nineteen hours after the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) exposed the bigoted background of Jake MacAulay and the Institute for the Constitution, South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention organizers once again hastily removed MacAulay’s photo from the front page of the convention website and removed his biography from the page of speaker bios.

However, repeated efforts to contact the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition to determine if MacAulay had been officially removed from the event, or merely deleted from the website, have gone unanswered.

MacAulay’s name is still on the convention flyer (below) and he is still listed as giving two different presentations, according to the most recent version of the convention program (here).

According to the program, on Saturday, January 17, at 11:20am, MacAulay is listed as leading an “Institute on the Constitution seminar.” And on Sunday, January 18, at 2:10pm, MacAulay is slotted between Rep. Louie Gohmert and Dr. Ben Carson to give a presentation on “The Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.”

The Institute on the Constitution also continues to advertise MacAulay’s appearance on their website.

Image from the IOTC’s "The American View" website, 12:00pm pst, 1/15/2015

As of this afternoon, there have been no statements officially announcing his removal, nor any statements condemning MacAulay’s bigoted activism by the coalition or any of the political leaders scheduled to speak.

In December, IREHR uncovered South Carolina white nationalist “Confederate Cuban,” Roan Garcia-Quintana, scheduled to speak at the convention. His name was scrubbed the next day.


South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Flyer

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