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Texe Marrs joined David Duke at Washington D.C.’s Capitol Skyline Hotel for a conference on November 7, according to reports.

Duke, the youthful national socialist turned Klansman turned Louisiana Republican, has been spending the last few years traveling around Europe (East and West) and the Arab Middle East. Last April, he was arrested in the Czech Republic on charges of Holocaust denial and was expelled.

Marrs, a Texan with a decades-long penchant for anti-Semitism and conspiracy mongering, believes that Barack Obama was “Rothschild’s choice” for president. And David Duke recently put on his website a piece by Marrs that re-circulated the old anti-Semitic charge that the Jews run the media.

The conference was sponsored by American Free Press, Willis Carto’s replacement for the now defunct Spotlight tabloid once published by the also-dead Liberty Lobby. Duke billed his speech as a major address. But the poor attendance–fewer than 75 listeners–turned the whole event into a minor affair.

Leonard Zeskind

Author Leonard Zeskind

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