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People’s Rights – Utah

Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network



Utah People’s Rights has one state leader, Derrik Staheli, and 13 area assistants for 7 of its areas. The group has 1517 members statewide. A Facebook group titled Open Carry UTAH- OCU (An arm of has 2169 members.[1]

Derrik Staheli promoted and took part in an August anti-mask rally in St. George outside a Washington County School District. The event was hosted by the Liberty Action Coalition.[2] Staheli would also promote an August 24 “No Mask Monday” effort encouraging parents to send their kids to school “WITH OUT MASKS!!!” Referring to People’s Rights, Staheli would assure that “If they get ‘expelled’ or ‘suspended, etc. then just contact me. I have a database of THOUSANDS of Patriots that will help and support you/us and raise HELL if we must.”[3]

State Leaders


Area Coordinators



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Facebook Members
State Leader

Derrik Staheli

Anti-Masker, Gun Advocate

Derrik Staheli is an anti-masker and 2nd Amendment activist who doesn’t “buy the whole face covering thing.” In August, Staheli encouraged people with kids in public schools to “find the courage to send them to school…WITH OUT [sic] MASKS!!!” Staheli wrote that “If they get ‘expelled’ or ‘suspended’ etc then just contact me. I have a database of THOUSANDS of Patriots that will help and support you/us and raise HELL if we must” [capitals in original].

Area Leaders

Below are the People’s Right’s Utah area leaders. Click on any of the photos below for more detailed individual profile information, including the leader’s location, other far-right groups to which they belong, and notable Facebook likes.

Utah - Area 1

Nathan Erickson

Utah - Area 2

Jeena C. Nilson

Location: Logan, Utah.

Utah - Area 3

Nathan Brown

Utah - Area 3

Victoria Dortzbach

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah - Area 5

Darrin Berg

Location: Holladay, Utah.

Utah - Area 5

Wendy Leathan

Utah - Area 5

Zachary Reed

Utah - Area 9

Shawna Cox * Militia

Notable Facebook Likes: Stop Mandatory Vaccination, NumbersUSA, Bundy News & Freedom Watchers, LAVOY Finicum, RIP, LaVoy Finicum's Stand For Freedom #LibertyRising, Polygamy, KrisAnne Hall.

Utah - Area 10

Cary Blake

Location: St. George, Utah.

Utah - Area 10

Jennifer Preston

Utah - Area 10

Klay Klemic

Utah - Area 10

Raul Hevia * Anti-Masker

Notable Group Memberships: Utah Freedom, South Florida Unmasked, ReOpen South Florida.

Utah - Area 11

Trevor Wilkerson

State Area Map

The map below depicts the People’s Rights state areas. Scrolling over an area on the map will show the number of People’s Rights members in that area.


[1] Open Carry UTAH- OCU (An arm of Facebook. Accessed October 7, 2020.

[2] Staheli, Derrick. Facebook. August 21, 2020.; Stark, Holly.  Hundreds attend anti-mask rally; students encouraged to take of masks, ‘get expelled.’ St. George News. August 21, 2020.; Staheli, Derrik. Facebook. August 21, 2020.

[3] Staheli, Derrik. Facebook. August 21, 2020.

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