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People’s Rights – California


People’s Rights California has a state leader, Tony Pellegrino, and three area leaders in two areas. As of late August the group had 809 members statewide.

Pellegrino, who has a history of activism in Idaho, has been actively promoting the October 10 “We the People” event in Nampa, Idaho at which he is slated to speak alongside Ammon Bundy, Krisanne Hall, and others.[1] Pellegrino recently appeared on the Red Pill Politics show as a People’s Rights representative on the topic of “how to deal with municipal & state tyrants in Federal Court.”[2] Pellegrino promoted an August “March on the Capitol Reopen the Church and America;” promoted and attended an event featuring Krisanne Hall in Sacramento in May; and hosted a July “Protest against tyranny” event in Soulsbyville.[3] Pellegrino also runs the We the People – California Facebook page which promotes People’s Rights.[4]

State Leaders


Area Coordinators



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Facebook Members
State Leader

Tony Pellegrino

Militia Supporter, Far-Right Conspiracist

State Leader for Areas 1-10

Location: San Mateo, California

Tony Pellegrino is a militia supporter who has promoted a variety of conspiracy theories, including openly anti-Semitic versions. In March Pellegrino posted a meme containing an openly anti-Semitic conspiracy theory long seen in white supremacist circles – a meme that Pellegrino described as a “TRUTH PILL…TO ALL THOSE IN DENIAL.” 

Area Leaders

Below are the People’s Right’s California area leaders. Click on any of the photos below for more detailed individual profile information, including the leader’s location, other far-right groups to which they belong, and notable Facebook likes.

California Area 4

Marie Hogan * Militia

Notable Group Memberships: Constitutional Militia, U.S. Militia Northern Command - America's Militia, militia meeting room, Patriot survivalist group.

California Area 10

Derrick Gates * Anti-Mask, Militia

Location: Los Angeles, California

Notable Group Memberships: "ReOpen the California Churches, California Patriots pro Law & Order, Reopen California - Enough is Enough, KEEP CALIFORNIA OPEN & FREE ( Uncensored ), Free California, Reopen California Schools, Citizens to End the Destruction of California", Southern California Patriots, Southwest Missouri Militia, T.A.P.S-True American Patriot Society, California State Militia Training Connect.

California Area 10

Erik Cryder * Militia

State Area Map

The map below depicts the People’s Rights state areas. Scrolling over an area on the map will show the number of People’s Rights members in that area.


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[4] We the People – California. About. Accessed October 7, 2020. The phone number for this Facebook page is the same used by Tony Pellegrino for his People’s Rights contact.

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