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Leonard Zeskind Speaks to a “United Student Assembly”

By April 20, 2015No Comments1 min read

On April 7, at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Leonard Zeskind spoke on “White Supremacy and Islamophobia” at a gathering of students outside the Student Union building.  The local Muslim Student Association, the campus branch of the NAACP, and the Pride Alliance were among the sponsors of the event.  The Student Organizing Committee was the principle group directing the event.  It is an off-shoot of the Workers Organizing Committee, which is organizing fast food workers.

Zeskind began by remembering the one-year anniversary of the shootings allegedly by Glenn Miller that killed three people at the Jewish Community Center and Shalom Village.  He branched into a larger discussion of white supremacy and the white nationalist movement, and concluded with a call for support of fast food workers.  His talk was well-received by a diverse group of students.

Leonard Zeskind

Author Leonard Zeskind

is founder of IREHR. For almost four decades, he has been a leading authority on white nationalist political and social movements. He is the author of Blood and Politics: The History of White Nationalism from the Margins to the Mainstream, published by Farrar Straus & Giroux in May 2009. [more..]

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