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The complete state rankings for the second segment of IREHR’s special report on the status of the Tea Party movement. It provides an unvarnished, non-partisan, data-driven analysis of the membership of the national factions as the movement approaches its sixth year.

Read the entire report The Status of the Tea Party: Membership, Support and Sympathy by the Numbers

State Tea Party Membership Rankings

State Tea Party Members Active Local Tea Party Groups Rank – Overall Rank – Total Members Rank – by Population Rank – Number of Local Tea Party Groups
Florida 36,423 69 1st 3rd 13th 3rd
Texas 39,442 85 2nd 2nd 25th 2nd
Arizona 13,926 31 3rd 9th 7th 13th
Tennessee 13,775 26 4th 10th 6th 15th
Ohio 19,042 43 5th 4th 20th 8th
Georgia 16,150 45 6th 7th 21st 7th
Pennsylvania 18,396 49 7th 6th 31st 5th
North Carolina 15,886 34 8th 8th 22nd 12th
Colorado 10,707 20 9th 15th 8th 20th
California 40,508 93 10th 1st 46th 1st
Virginia 12,768 36 11th 13th 24th 11th
Missouri 10,563 24 12th 16th 16th 16th
Washington 11,728 21 13th 14th 17th 18th
Indiana 10,480 37 14th 17th 23rd 10th
Michigan 13,186 40 15th 12th 35th 9th
South Carolina 7,763 21 16th 20th 19th 19th
New York 18,592 46 17th 5th 50th 6th
Illinois 13,480 52 18th 11th 47th 4th
Oregon 7,820 9 19th 19th 10th 34th
Oklahoma 6,727 12 20th 24th 15th 28th
Utah 6,365 8 21st 26th 5th 36th
Alabama 7,153 14 22nd 22nd 27th 25th
Kansas 4,772 13 23rd 31st 18th 26th
Idaho 3,614 7 24th 36th 4th 37th
New Jersey 8,666 27 25th 18th 49th 14th
Massachusetts 7,196 23 26th 21st 44th 17th
Arkansas 4,388 14 27th 32nd 26th 24th
Alaska 2,627 5 28th 42nd 1st 39th
Nevada 5,432 5 29th 30th 12th 41st
Wisconsin 6,835 16 30th 23rd 40th 21st
Montana 2,281 6 31st 43rd 3rd 38th
Wyoming 1,333 5 32nd 44th 2nd 40th
Mississippi 4,102 15 33rd 33rd 34th 22nd
Minnesota 6,334 15 34th 27th 41st 23rd
Kentucky 6,210 10 35th 28th 32nd 31st
New Hampshire 2,746 3 36th 38th 9th 45th
Louisiana 5,959 12 37th 29th 36th 29th
Maine 2,682 4 38th 41st 11th 43rd
West Virginia 2,702 11 39th 39th 29th 30th
New Mexico 2,956 10 40th 37th 33rd 32nd
Connecticut 4,067 13 41st 34th 42nd 27th
Maryland 6,517 9 42nd 25th 43rd 35th
Iowa 3,771 10 43rd 35th 38th 33rd
District of Columbia 1,104 2 44th 48th 14th 50th
Nebraska 2,700 3 45th 40th 28th 46th
Delaware 1,316 3 46th 45th 30th 47th
South Dakota 991 4 47th 49th 39th 44th
Rhode Island 1,143 5 48th 46th 45th 42nd
Vermont 815 3 49th 50th 37th 48th
Hawaii 1,107 3 50th 47th 51st 49th
North Dakota 705 1 51st 51st 48th 51st
Devin Burghart

Author Devin Burghart

is vice president of IREHR. He coordinates our Seattle office, directs our research efforts, and manages our online communications. He has researched, written, and organized on virtually all facets of contemporary white nationalism since 1992, and is internationally recognized for this effort. Devin is frequently quoted as an expert by print, broadcast, and online media outlets. In 2007, he was awarded a Petra Foundation fellowship. more...

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