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People’s Rights – Washington


People’s Rights Washington has 12 area assistants for 9 areas and  5325 members, the largest subunits being Area 2S with 1119 members, and Area 4 with 1071. The Washington chapter also has one statewide Facebook group and 9 additional area Facebook groups. The statewide Facebook group has 1746 members while membership in the area groups ranges from 383 in Area 8, to 212 and 204 in Areas 3 and 4, respectively, to 19 in Area 7.[1]

Along with Idaho People’s Rights, Washington has been one of the most active chapters. The group has been especially active in southern Washington where, among other activities, Kelli Stewart has joined forces with Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson to press the Clark County sheriff and other local public officials around COVID-19 related issues.[2]

All told, beginning in at least May People’s Rights Washington, area chapters or leaders mobilized around various COVID-19 related issues multiple times – including holding events in May in Tacoma, Battle Ground, Camas, and twice in Vancouver; in June in Vancouver; in July in Deer Park, Tacoma, twice in Spokane, and three times in Vancouver; and in August in Vancouver and twice Spokane, including once outside the home of a Spokane County Regional Health District doctor.[3]

In August, People’s Rights Washington Area 8 held a meet-and-greet event in Spokane and a “Justice for Sean Anderson rally outside the Spokane County Jail.[4]

State Leaders


Area Coordinators



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Facebook Members
State Leader

Kelli Stewart

Anti-Masker, Anti-Vaxxer, Militia Supporter

While Kelli Stewart is officially listed as a Washington State Area 4 Assistant in People’s Rights, she plays an outsized role in the region and has helped build southern Washington into one of the group’s strongest areas. Stewart’s activism has included organizing efforts in Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. Stewart’s involvement in Ammon Bundy’s networks extends back to shortly after he led the 2016 armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

Area Leaders

Below are the People’s Right’s Washington area leaders. Click on any of the photos below for more detailed individual profile information, including the leader’s location, other far-right groups to which they belong, and notable Facebook likes.

Washington - Area 1

Becki Taylor

Location: Lynden, Washington

Notable Group Memberships: ReopenWA, REOPEN AMERICA

Washington - Area 1

Patricia Wieland * Anti-Masker

Location: Ferndale, Washington

Notable Group Memberships: Protest Washington State Covid19 lockdown, No Mandatory Masks For Kids in ANY Washington State Schools.

Washington - Area 3

Nancy Williams

Washington - Area 3

Ruby Lefeau * Reopener, Militia

Notable Group Memberships: Reopen Washington State, WA Patriots A.R. 2, AR2 Patriot Network, Washington State Militia, WA Patriots A.R. 2.

Notable Facebook Likes: Montana Militia, III%ers.

Washington - Area 4

Kelli Stewart * Militia, Anti-Masker

Location: Camas, Washington

Notable Group Memberships: Open Washington Now, Anti-Maskers, Open Oregon, Washington State Militia, Washington Three Percent.

Washington - Areas 4 & 5

Matt Dierck

Washington - Area 5

Amanda Bisset * Reopener, Militia

Notable Group Memberships: Defend Hermiston & Eastern Oregon, Washingtonians Against (Excessive) Quarantine - WAQ American Patriot 3% SE WA State, Constitutional Patriots of Walla Walla, LFA III% Washington.

Washington - Area 5

Michelle Mishler * Anti-Masker

Location: Battle Ground, Washington.

Notable Group Memberships: Put your $$ where your mask is. Freedom Friendly Businesses!!

Washington - Area 6

Wendy Ivey * Reopener, Anti-Masker

Notable Group Memberships: Reopen USA, ReopenWA, Stand Up For Freedom, Americans for COVID-19 Truth, Against Quarantine of the healthy, Reopening and Unmasking WA State Schools, Open Washington| Oregon| California| Nevada And Colorado, No Mandatory Masks For Kids in ANY Washington State Schools.

Washington - Area 7

Lindsay Stewart

Washington - Area 8

Holly Hill * Reopener

Notable Group Memberships: ReopenWA, C.U.R.E. - Citizens United for Reopening the Economy

Washington - Areas 2n & 2s

Tammy L Hill * Reopener, Militia

Location: Kirkland, Washington.

Notable Group Memberships: Reopen Washington State Churches, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS, Reopen Washington Action Network, Re-Open America, The Heirs of Patrick Henry Northwest

State Area Map

The map below depicts the People’s Rights state areas. Scrolling over an area on the map will show the number of People’s Rights members in that area.

State Activities

Meeting - "Clark County WA Homeschool Resource and Support Event"
Vancouver, WA
Area 8 - Signature Gathering
Spokane, WA
Area 8 - Meeting
Spokane, WA
Area 8 - Rally - "Justice for Sean Anderson"
Spokane, WA
Area 5 - Rally - "TriCities Surge Freedom Rally"
Kennewick, WA
Area 8 - Protest - "Protest at the house of Dr. Bob Lutz"
Spokane, WA
Area 8 - Picnic - "Support Evening Light Lavender Farmz"
Deer Park, WA
State Rally - "Stop Separating the Sick from their Advocates"
Tacoma, WA
State Rally - "Civilian Thrown in Jail for having COVID"
Spokane, WA
State Rally - "Exposing the Clark County Health Dept COVID SCAM"
Vancouver, WA
State Protest - "VPD Protest, calling for charges to be dismissed against Pet Biz"
Vancouver, WA
Protest - "Unmasked Shopping Event"
Spokane, WA
Protest - "Free Kelly Carroll"
Vancouver, WA
State Rally - "WA Mask Mandate, My body My Choice, I Will Not Comply"
Vancouver, WA
State Rally - "Free Pet Biz"
Vancouver, WA
Area 4 - Town Hall Meeting
Vancouver, WA
State Rally - "Support our Battle Ground Small Business Part 2"
Battle Ground, WA
State Rally - "Open Camas Washington"
Camas, WA
State Rally - "Reopen Clark County"
Vancouver, WA
State Rally - "Open Washington Clark County courthouse event"
Vancouver, WA
State Rally - "Jay Inslee, you've been served"
Tacoma, WA


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