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People’s Rights – Oregon

Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network


Oregon People’s Rights has one state leader, BJ Soper, who oversees 6 areas and 15 additional area leaders for 5 of its 8 areas. The group has 2047 members. In addition, a Facebook group for Area 1 has 79 members, Area 3 has 42 members and Area 5 has 1163 members.[1]

People’s Rights leaders BJ Soper and Hollyjo Beers, both far right paramilitary activists, played a role in a May rally against COVID-19 restrictions in Hermiston at which Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson was also slated to appear.[2] Soper had begun taking part in such events in least April in Redmond.[3]

On October 6 Oregon Area 1 assistant Sonja Persey announced that she was shifting the group’s Facebook page over to a WIMKIN social network site. Persey cited Facebook “censorship” for the move and invited existing members to join at that platform.[4]

State Leaders


Area Coordinators



Eight (Map)






Facebook Members
State Leader

BJ Soper

Militia Activist

BJ Soper is the People’s Rights assistant for most of the state of Oregon. Like many in the burgeoning People’s Rights network, Soper has a history of far-right paramilitary organizing, including armed mobilizations and organizing around the 2016 Malheur takeover.

Area Leaders

Below are the People’s Right’s Oregon area leaders. Click on any of the photos below for more detailed individual profile information, including the leader’s location, other far-right groups to which they belong, and notable Facebook likes.

Oregon - Area 1

Amanda Vital * Reopener

Notable Group Memberships: Marion County Uniting for Liberty, Oregon Uniting for Liberty, Reopen Oregon Now, Jackson County Uniting for Liberty, Reopen Washington State Churches, Save Oregon, Open Oregon, Lane County Uniting for Liberty, Reopen Wisconsin! Recall Governor Tony Evers and Gordon Hintz, Linn County Uniting for Liberty.

Oregon - Area 1

Sonja Persey

Location: Stayton, Oregon.

Oregon - Area 2

Wayne Standiford

Location: Condon, Oregon.

Notable Group Memberships: Jefferson County Uniting for Liberty, Patriots and 2nd amendment supporters of Oregon.

Oregon - Area 3

Hollyjo Beers

Location: Umatilla County.

Notable Facebook Likes: 3%ers

Oregon - Area 3

Jill Litzsinger * Reopener, Militia, QAnon

Notable Group Memberships: Defend Hermiston & Eastern Oregon, Oregon Uniting for Liberty, Save Oregon, Patriots and 2nd amendment supporters of Oregon. Patriot Prayer Group.

Oregon - Area 3

Sarah Wilcox * Reopener

Location: Hermiston, Oregon

Notable Group Memberships: Reopen Oregon, Defend Hermiston & Eastern Oregon, Reopen Washington State Churches, Reopen Washington Action Network.

Oregon - Area 5

Calista Sonstad

Location: Bend, Oregon.

Notable Group Memberships: Oregon Uniting for Liberty, Save Oregon, Open Oregon, Bare Face Is Legal.

Oregon - Area 5

Dawn Michelle LaPolla

Oregon - Area 5

Kelly Lynn Matheson

Location: Redmond, Oregon.

Oregon - Area 5

Larry Krueger Jr

Oregon - Area 5

Teresa Baggett * Reopener, Qanon

Location: Madras, Oregon.

Notable Facebook Likes: Qanon.
Notable Group Memberships: Reopen Oregon.

Oregon - Area 5

Terry Black

Oregon - Area 8

Misty Fox * Militia

Oregon - Area 8

Valerie Serafin

Oregon - Area 8

Yvonne Griffith

State Area Map

The map below depicts the People’s Rights state areas. Scrolling over an area on the map will show the number of People’s Rights members in that area.


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[2] Rambo, K. Rally opposing coronavirus restrictions draws activists, militia leaders to eastern Oregon. The Oregonian. May 30, 2020.

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