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People’s Rights – Georgia

Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network


People’s Rights Georgia has two state leaders listed for all of the states 14 areas. These are Field Searcy and Boyd Parks. One additional area leader is listed for Area 11. The group has 137 members. A People’s Rights Facebook page has just 4 likes.[1]

State Assistants


Area Assistants



Fourteen (Map)






Facebook Group Members

Area Leaders

Below are the People’s Right’s Georgia area leaders. Click on any of the photos below for more detailed individual profile information, including the leader’s location, other far-right groups to which they belong, and notable Facebook likes.

Georgia - Areas 1-14

Boyd Parks

Georgia - Areas 1-14

Field Searcy

Georgia - Area 11

Jack Staver

State Area Map

The map below depicts the People’s Rights state areas. Scrolling over an area on the map will show the number of People’s Rights members in that area.


[1] People’s Rights Georgia. Facebook. Accessed October 7, 2020.

Ammon's Army

Inside the Far-Right People's Rights Network

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