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Chapter Eight

Targeting the LGBTQIA+ Community
in Facebook COVID Denial Groups


Chapter Eight

Targeting the LGBTQIA+ Community in Facebook COVID Denial Groups

Another form of bigotry and potential axis for radicalization found in Facebook COVID Denial groups is the disparagement of members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including opposition to recognizing their inclusion as full members of school communities. Such vitriol is often mixed with direct or implied attacks on “critical race theory.”

For instance, Eric Moustos, administrator for the Facebook COVID denial group, Utah Revival, stated,

“The propaganda displayed in schools…is over the top this year…As a parent go and do classroom checks on each one of your child’s classes. That’s your right. Take photos. Examples of propaganda: BLM signs, rainbow flags, gender signs/pronouns, Biden/Kamala posters, anti-Trump, masks/vaccine promotions, CRT, Social/Racial Justice, Equity / Diversity / Inclusivity, etc.”[168]

The Administrator for Unmask Our Kids, Virginia Beach (905 members) “warns” that changes in the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE),

“could very well mean that early childhood curriculums approved by the VDOE (like critical race theory material or LGBT material) can now be taught in private & public preschools & daycares if set in ‘required instruction’ for early childhood…Perhaps it will not come to that, but we should be alarmed that the department of education will now have control over protocols & curriculums in daycares and preschools across the state of Virginia.”[169]

A Moderator for Unmask USA (294 members) wrote, “Stop pushing the blm crt gender mask and vaccine crap on our children!!!! Kids are in school to learn not to be forced to think like the crazy radical liberals.”[170]

A post in Reopen Wisconsin! Recall Governor Tony Evers and Gordon Hintz (252 members) cast the “mistreatment of your children in our public schools” as including “forced masking, cramming LGBT propaganda down your childs (sic) throat, threat of vaccine, or being told your kid is racist because of his/her skin color.” The post further encouraged readers to join The Unschoolers, a Facebook “homeshooling group” that touts itself as “Anti Public School, Anti Communist, pro God, Pro Medical Freedom, Pro Constitution, Pro America” and “sick of the liberal degeneracy the public school is pushing and isn’t going to take it.”[171]

A member of Unmask UKC students wrote, “I want to remind you that the fight is not over…If your kids are in school, talk to them A LOT about what they are hearing (CRT, Gender dysphoria issues, masks, and Covid nonsense)…If you are wanting to pull your kids, but can’t figure out how to make it work, please talk to me. I am here for you, and we will work together to find ideas.”[172]

And a post in REOPEN MA (13,385 members) assailed Pope Frances for reportedly supporting a priest “who promotes heresy of homosexual relationships as a new normal in Catholic Church.”[173]

Some members have circulated such posts as part of mobilizations against the LGBTQIA+ community. For instance, a Reopenwa RE Open Washington State For Business Facebook page post shared to the Reopen Washington State – #Reopen WA (7,539 members) Facebook group calls for group members to “STAND UP TO TRANS TYRANNY IN ABERDEEN!” In addition, the post promotes an event to support an anti-transgender business owner. The event call to action to “Support Star Wars Shop Owner Against Tyranny” described, “Aberdeen City councilman confronted this shop owner for hanging a sign declaring ‘if you were born with a dick you aint (sic) a chick’ and now the citycouncilma’am (sic) is organizing a protest at 10 am Saturday 8.7 in front of his store…Stand up to this tyrannical city councilma’am (sic) and show your support for the Star Wars Shop!”[174]

The Washington state-based Central Kitsap Parents for Freedom (1460 members), a group also mobilized against “critical race theory,” assailed a Kitsap Safe Schools poster in a local elementary school stating that, “Love Has No Gender.”[175]

In addition, posts targeting the LGBTQIA+ community in some fashion appear in Unmask our Children Kankakee Count IL (1,441 members), REOPEN WASHINGTON (3,533 members), Patriots for Delaware (11,666 members), Unmask our kids Washington (6,934 members), Unmask Our Kids Oregon (4,217 members), Unmask Our Kids in Murrieta/Temecula/Lake Elsinore/Menifee (2,331), Citizens of Marshall County Opposing Mask Mandates (3,163 members), Unmask our Kids- Douglas County Schools (3,302 members), and Unmask CFISD (1,264 members).[176]


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Facebook and COVID Denial

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