Race, Racism, and White Nationalism

Apr 1, 2015, 5:45
The King Holiday and the Long Arc of Justice - A Personal Remembrance

The King Holiday and the Long Arc of Justice - A Personal Remembrance


Monday, January 21, is the national holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday anniversary. If he had not been horribly murdered by an assassin in 1968, or struck down in some other fashion, he would be 84 years old. Across the country, in every major city and most medium-sized towns there will be at least some kind of event. In Kansas City, where I am now sitting, multiple events have already happened as I write these words.

Alex Jones Launches into tirade on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight

Alex Jones Explodes on CNN (Video)


Alex Jones, the Austin, Texas-based radio talk-show host who's made a career of pumping out bigotry and conspiracies for profit, was invited onto CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" show on Monday, January 7 to discuss gun rights. In part, Jones was asked on the program to discuss his petition to "Deport Piers Morgan" after the CNN host advocated for gun control measures in the wake of the Newtown massacre. Rather than engage in a debate or discussion, Jones launched into an irate, conspiracy-laden rant.

The idea of a turning the Northwest into an Aryan homeland is again gaining traction in white nationalist circles.

The Northwest Imperative Redux


Two self-avowed white supremacists, Holly Ann Grigsby and David Pederson, are awaiting trial in district courts in Oregon and Washington State for a five-month crime spree in 2011 that included kidnapping, robbery and murder—all in the name of preserving and purifying the "white race."  They are charged under the same racketeering statute that was used by federal prosecutors in 1985 in Seattle, when twenty-three members of The Order were indicted for a murder, robbery and other crimes.David PedersenHolly Ann Grigsby

The Order criminal enterprise lasted longer, involved more combatants and was considerably more sophisticated politically than the most recent case. Indeed, the legacy of The Order included multiple Klan, Aryan Nations and neo-Nazi organizations adopting the "white bastion" strategy: trying to create a whites-only republic in the states of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  Although it had its detractors inside the white nationalist movement at the time, the strategy was promoted widely until the defeat of the militia movement in the late 1990s.

Today, the white nationalist idea of secession, carving out a piece of territory in the Pacific Northwest, is regaining adherents.  An uptick in activity in the region, increased discussion of the possibility of establishing a white republic, and the migration of a few white souls into states of Montana and Idaho may be signs that more trouble is in the offing.

. Photo courtesy of Overpass Light Brigade.

The Milwaukee Shootings and White Noise


Alleged Killer Wade Michael Page

Long before the shooter walked into a suburban Milwaukee Sikh temple and opened fire, murdering six people before being killed by police, the former soldier reportedly responsible for the horrific attack was loaded with the ideological ammunition to carry out acts of mass violence against people of color.

Wade Michael Page has been identified as the alleged shooter. The exact motivation for Page's targeting of the Sikh temple is not now known, but his background shows a young man who for over a decade had his head filled with white noise.

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Dennis Mahon at 1989 Aryan Nations event in Tennessee.

Backgrounder: Arizona Mail Bomber Dennis Mahon to be Sentenced


On Tuesday, May 22, Dennis Mahon will be sentenced for sending a mail bomb to the Scottsdale, Arizona, Office of Diversity and Dialogue in February 2004. The bomb injured three people, including Don Logan, an African American who was director of the office. Mahon's twin brother, Daniel Mahon, was indicted in the case, but not convicted. Neither man was convicted of a hate crime, although all the evidence pointed to racial animus as the only motivating cause for the crime.

Dennis Mahon's background is instructive for several reasons: the length of time he stayed active in the white nationalist movement; the multiple number of organizations he was a member of; his international travel on behalf of the nationalist movement; and his life-long tendency to associate himself with the movement's most violent wing.