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IREHR in Exposed by Center for Media and Democracy: “More than 200 ALEC Politicians Participate in Far-Right Facebook Groups” – August 3, 2022

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IREHR’s report, Breaching the Mainstream was used by Center for Media and Democracy;

Author Julia Chumlea writes, “In May the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) released a report titled Breaching the Mainstream that analyzes far-right Facebook groups and includes a database of 875 state legislators who are members. CMD cross-referenced this data with its own list of ALEC-affiliated legislators to identify which ones are also members of these extremist Facebook groups.”

She continues, “IREHR reports that, in addition to spreading misinformation about the virus and the pandemic, Covid denial groups offer “fertile ground for far-right radicalization.” They often become forums for anti-semitic attitudes, with groups like Take Back Missouri posting material that promotes rhetoric comparing Covid mask and vaccine mandates to the horrors of the former Nazi regime in Germany.”

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Laura Gibbons

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