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Know Your Rights and Protect Them

 Under North Carolina state law, “only an individual registered to vote in a precinct may challenge a voter at that precinct on Election Day,” according to Bullies at the Ballot Box, a report by Demos and Common Cause, which cited N.C. Gen Stat 163-87.  Further, challenges to voters “shall not be made indiscriminately,” and “mail returned as undeliverable is not admissible as evidence in a challenge hearing on Election Day.” [Italics added] pp. 22 and 56.

Add to the law, organizations such as the NAACP who are prepared to defend everyone’s right to vote. According to Rev. Dr. William Barber II, “We have built a broad based 140 member coalition named NAACP HKONJ PEOPLES ASSEMBLY COALITION in NC. This form of 21 century fusion politics won same day registration early voting the most progressive of its type in the South. We fought and blocked this year voter ID through grass-roots activism and giving our Governor support to veto the attempt of the Tea Party led majority of the legislature. Now we are fully committed not only to turnout the vote but to fight and stand against any effort to suppress, depress, stifle, or discourage the power and potential of the black brown and progressive vote in any way”.  Our members will be poll watchers and we will have a coalition of lawyers to defend and protect our rights.”


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Devin Burghart and Leonard Zeskind

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