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The Other Side of David Duke: Living Like a Gangster

The following article was written for the Swedish magazine Expo in 2005.  It was geared towards a Swedish audience unfamiliar with the various permutations of David Duke's career.  IREHR has brought it out of mothballs because of the recent interest in Duke's presidential prospects, and this piece presents a useful summary of pertinent information.


Bomb found at Spokane MLK Unity March

An incendiary device found along the route of Monday's Spokane Martin Luther King Day "unity march" was "likely capable of inflicting multiple casualties," according to the FBI.

Just before the parade was about to start, a city employee found a black backpack in a parking lot that was both on the parade route and across the street from a performing arts center that hosted a pre-parade rally.


Mississippi and the Councils - Part Two: Brother Jeppie's Visit to Carroll County

Yes, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour apologized (barely) for his racist rendition of the segregationist-era Citizens Councils in his Yazoo City hometown.  And at year's end, the governor did finally pardon and release Jamie and Gladys Scott, two African American sisters sentenced in 1994 to life imprisonment for their (minimal) role in an $11 robbery.  More, the record has been set straight about the Citizens' Councils' efforts to suppress the NAACP's voter registration efforts in Yazoo City and its attempts to turn back the black freedom movement in the 1960s.  We even know about Haley's brother Jeppie Barbour's role during that time, thanks to Amanda Terkel's December 20 Huffington Post piece, which cited Willie Morris' 1971 book, Yazoo: Integration in a Deep-Southern Town. Basically, Brother Jeppie exemplified the white chauvinism so openly displayed in that era, and he actively fought against integration.


Haley Barbour Has No Excuse

Twenty-five years ago I worked for an organization in Atlanta founded as the National Anti-Klan Network.  Even after we changed our name to the Center for Democratic Renewal, we remained listed in the phone book under our anti-Klan name.  And occasionally we would get phone calls from people who had obviously called up information and asked for the number of the Ku Klux Klan.


The Hutaree Militia & the Charge of Seditious Conspiracy


Arrested Hutaree Militia Members

Eight men and one woman from the Hutaree militia have been charged in an Eastern Michigan federal court, according to a recently released indictment. If the charges are to be believed, they apparently planned to kill a lawman and then set up IED's to subsequently kill even more people in the funeral procession.


Roeder Convicted, Testimony by Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline Ruled Out

After four days of uncontroverted testimony detailing the murder of Dr. George Tiller, Scott Roeder took the stand on Thursday, January 28, in his own defense. He betrayed not an ounce of emotion as he described pulling a .22 caliber pistol out of his pocket and shooting Dr. Tiller in the head. His voice showed no regret when, under the guidance of his defense attorney, he walked the jury through his crime. There was no anger to display when he was supposed to be frustrated by the inability of shooters, bombers and an anti-choice attorney general to shut Dr. Tiller's clinic down in the past.


Tea Party Switcheroo: Different Nativist Group to Present at Tea Party Nation Conference

Tea Party Switcheroo: Different Nativist Group to Present at Tea Party Nation Conference - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Just when you thought they were out, they jump right back in…

As quickly as one anti-immigrant group extricates itself from the Tea Party Nation convention, another one jumps in to fill the gap.


Bachmann Tea Party Overdrive

The news just keeps getting worse for the Tea Party Nation Convention. Following on the heels of several organizations cancelling their sponsorships, today both Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) announced today they are pulling out of the controversial convention scheduled for Nashville next weekend.


Anti-Immigrant Group Bails on Tea Party Nation Convention

In sign of growing dissention surrounding the upcoming National Tea Party Nation Convention in Nashville, sources confirm that the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has officially pulled out of the convention.

Initially enthusiastic about the event, a source tells IREHR that in the second week of January FAIR abandoned the convention over concern that the for-profit status of the Tea Party Nation could jeopardize FAIR’s 501c3 non-profit status. FAIR staff also reportedly expressed anxiety about the possibility of funds from the convention being funneled to political candidates.


Tea Partying Militia Leader Arrested for Rape, Possessing a Grenade Launcher

Tea Partying Militia Leader Arrested for Rape, Possessing a Grenade Launcher - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Tea Partying Militia Leader Charles Dyer

A former Marine with ties to Tea Parties and militias who talked openly about using his training “to become a domestic terrorist” has been charged in separate complaints with raping a child and possessing an unregistered grenade launcher. His arrest may signal that a wing of the Tea Parties is heading in a more militant direction.


The State of White Nationalism: The Year 2009 in Review

The presidency of Barack Obama dominated political events in 2009.  Whether it was discussion of the bank bailouts last winter or the continuing failure of the government to solve the problem of depression-era unemployment, the blame or success will be laid on the doorstep of Obama’s White House.  Whether or not Congress passes meaningful health care reform, it will be on this president’s watch.  After announcing an American troop surge in Afghanistan, this administration now owns that war. And whether the fortunes of the far right and white nationalist movements rose or fell during the past year, Barack Hussein Obama will be regarded—rightly or wrongly—as the cause.


Still Picking the Jury for Roeder's murder trial in Wichita, Kansas

Leonard Zeskind will be following and writing about the trial as it proceeds.

Picking the jury that will vote on whether Scott Roeder murdered Dr. Tiller in the first degree or whether he simply committed voluntary manslaughter is continuing. Thevoir dire process appears to be fairly thorough. Prospective jurors spend an average of thirty minutes privately discussing their views with the court. They also answer eighty-eight questions on a written firm.


Hundreds of Tea Partiers Gather in Olympia for Sovereignty Winter Fest

Despite the pouring rain, nearly three hundred Tea Party supporters from across the state gathered on the steps of the Washington State capitol for the “Sovereignty Winter Fest” on January 14. The event featured state legislators, candidates for state and federal seats, Tea Party leaders, and other far-right activists from around the region. It was designed to support a series of state’s rights 10th Amendment “sovereignty” resolutions in the Washington legislature. This turn away from anti-tax and anti-healthcare rhetoric towards state sovereignty language points to a possible radicalization of the movement.

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