White Nationalists Descend on D.C. for National Policy Institute Conference

Just blocks away from the White House, North American and European white nationalists of various stripes are scheduled to convene at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC on October 25 to 27 for the 2013 Leadership Conference of the racist "think-tank," The National Policy Institute.

Fresh off a recent visit to Europe where he spoke again at a meeting of the Traditional Britain Group on October 19, National Policy Institute director Richard Spencer claims the event “will explore the future of identity for European peoples around the world.” There is very little new, however, to Spencer’s calls for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to create a white homeland in North America.  IREHR takes a look at Spencer and the National Policy Institute. 

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American Renaissance Conference Takes to the Woods

That the American Renaissance 2012 conference took place at all was a cause for minor celebration by the participants. The scientific racists, academics, lawyers and assorted white nationalists who attend these events had been frustrated for the several years by the anti-racists who had successfully protested their events, rendering it nearly impossible for them to fool a private hotel in a big city into booking their confab. So, this time the so-called racial realists retreated to the Tennessee woods. Specifically, American Renaissancers had to drive almost an hour west of the Nashville airport before they got to Montgomery Bell State Park, where they parked over the 16-17 March weekend. They were all pleased with the results: A quiet affair amidst beautiful surroundings with little noise intruding from the outside.

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