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Nov 27, 2014, 17:16
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The nativist political committee Protect Oregon Driver Licenses was among the reasons Measure 88 went down to defeat in Oregon

Dissecting the Nativist Victory in Oregon


Despite the valiant efforts of unions, immigrant rights and progressive groups, nativists successfully led an effort to repeal hard-fought legislation to provide driver cards to undocumented immigrants in Oregon.

IREHR examines the behind-the-scenes political committees, uncovers the network of anti-immigrant and Tea Party groups in the state, and follows the money to find out how nativists were victorious in Oregon. We also look at what the nativist victory portends for national immigration reform in 2015 and beyond.

Thom Tillis has moved on to the US Senate, leaving NC Senate leader Phil Berger in charge of the Tea Party legislative agenda for 2015.

2014 Election Entrenches Tea Party Support in the North Carolina General Assembly


While much of the national attention focused on Tuesday’s election of former North Carolina Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis, to the United State Senate, scant attention has been paid to the composition of the General Assembly that Tillis used to lead.

Post-election, it appears that Tea Party support has become entrenched in the North Carolina General Assembly. Nearly all of the legislators who were supportive of the Tea Party will be returning to Jones Street in January.

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