The Trans-Atlantic Traffic in White Nationalism

The following article describes activities by Jared Taylor in France and England earlier this year.  Taylor is not unknown to regular readers of  He is the founder of a scientific racist outfit known as American Renaissance, has been a leading figure in the ranks of the Council of Conservative Citizens and an editor for other white nationalist enterprises.  Leonard Zeskind’s book, Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream, available from IREHR, includes the first and most comprehensive treatment of Taylor—including his friendship with Holocaust denier Mark Weber, his stint as the West Coast editor of PC magazine, and a description of American Renaissance’s first conferences.  The following is taken from an article in Searchlight magazine by Ray Mount.  IREHR congratulates Searchlight for nearly 50 years of monthly anti-fascist and anti-racist publication. Leonard Zeskind added to Ray Mount’s reporting, using material from other sources.

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BNP uses public money to fund party officers


Nick Lowles and Sonia Gable report in the November 2009 issue of Searchlight that the British National Party is using money it receives from Europe to support its two Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to bankroll the leadership of its organisation. Of the 14 people employed by the two MEPs, only five actually live in the two regions they represent and most fulfil national posts for the party. In the latest abuse of the parliamentary expenses system, the British and European people are funding the BNP. Read the full article here.



Planes, Trains, and a Big Red Bus: On the Road with the Hope Not Hate Campaign


“An absolute nightmare,” is how one Labour Party official described the political situation in June 2009.  In the weeks leading up to the European Parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom that June 4, internal polling indicated that the white nationalist British National Party (BNP) could benefit from a confluence of political events. 

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