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Jul 29, 2015, 17:52
National Socialist Black Metal Musician Arrested in French Terror Probe

National Socialist Black Metal Musician Arrested in French Terror Probe


A Norwegian white power musician who already served time for murder and arson has been arrested in France on "suspicion he was preparing a major terrorist act."

Kristian “Varg” Vikernes and his wife, Marie Cachet, were taken into custody early in the morning of July 16 at their farm near the town of Salon-la Tour in the Corrèze region of central France. The arrest was made by the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence, who say they suspect him of “preparing a massacre.”

The Trans-Atlantic Traffic in White Nationalism

The Trans-Atlantic Traffic in White Nationalism


The following article describes activities by Jared Taylor in France and England earlier this year.  Taylor is not unknown to regular readers of  He is the founder of a scientific racist outfit known as American Renaissance, has been a leading figure in the ranks of the Council of Conservative Citizens and an editor for other white nationalist enterprises.  Leonard Zeskind’s book, Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream, available from IREHR, includes the first and most comprehensive treatment of Taylor—including his friendship with Holocaust denier Mark Weber, his stint as the West Coast editor of PC magazine, and a description of American Renaissance’s first conferences.  The following is taken from an article in Searchlight magazine by Ray Mount.  IREHR congratulates Searchlight for nearly 50 years of monthly anti-fascist and anti-racist publication. Leonard Zeskind added to Ray Mount’s reporting, using material from other sources.

Demonstration in Madrid, May 20, 2011

Spain in Crisis: Austerity and Resistance


In response to a perceived debt crisis in Spain, the European Union has imposed harsh austerity policies that have thrown the Spanish economy into a tailspin. Unemployment levels are the highest in Europe: 24.4% over-all and 50% for those under age 25. As unemployment grows, consumer demand falls, causing more businesses to fail, leading to further layoffs. Bankruptcies, evictions, and capital flight have reached record levels. Young people with skills are fleeing the country—350,000 in the past four years. And increasingly, senior citizens share their social security and pensions, however meager, with their children and grandchildren. The Spanish people are "paying for dishes they didn't break"—a refrain commonly heard in the streets and printed on protest signs.

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